'Haven' recap: 'Sarah'

Sarah/Audrey and Nathan in the past. Courtesy Syfy

After two weeks of Bolt Gun Killer and Colorado Kid mythos, Haven is back with nothing but Trouble!

Onboard the S.S. Minnow, or whatever the boat's called, Duke Crocker wishes his late father a happy birthday, then spends a little time thumbing through the family's journal o' troubled-people murdering. It seems that Audrey's past life #1, Sarah, killed Duke's grandfather, and Duke's father was hell-bent on returning the favor. His last wish was for Duke to finish the job, but he doesn't seem too interested. He sees an incomplete entry for one Stuart Mosely, and decides to pay old Stu a visit.

At Casa de Stu, we find that Stuart is an old man and avid gardener. Duke politely asks the man about his presence in the journal. The entry, it turns out, was made on the day that Grandpa Crocker died. Stu turns around, shakes his arugula at Duke, and yells, "you're not supposed to be here!" Poof! Duke disappears and reappears on the beach. Convinced that the old man used a trouble to teleport him away, he reaches for his cellphone and is surprised that there's no service. Looking around, he notices that all of the cars are vintage, along with all of the clothes, hairstyles, music, and personalities. Oh, no. "What year is this?" he asks a Buddy Holly wannabe, and is told that it's "1955. The year you should sober up." Great Scott!

Duke wanders into his own bar, which is, of course, not his own bar in 1955, and orders something "strong and cheap." Nearby, a fight breaks out among some Navy guys, resulting in a broken chair. When the bartender trips trying to put a stop to the scuffle, Duke saves the man's life by grabbing him before he can be impaled on the furniture. Of course, no good deed goes unpunished, and Duke ends up arrested, right along with all of the other brawlers. The police determine that he's most likely up to no good, since his modern money is "counterfeit" and he carries a weird looking paperweight that used to serve as a phone. Still, they have to let him go, as the bartender vouched for him. As he should have.

Back in 2010 ('cause it's still 2010!!), Audrey and Nathan walk along the streets of Haven, stopping in front of the Comic Shop. How cool, that Haven has a comic shop! Why have we not seen this before? Oh, wait. We have. It's the Haven Herald. At least, it should be the Haven Herald, and would be if Dave hadn't killed Vince 15 years ago. Audrey asks if Nathan remembers that sometimes when there's a "Haven thing," because Audrey is immune to the troubles, she's the only one that knows it's a "Haven thing"? Well, this is a "Haven thing." Nathan understands.

Back in 1955, Duke's still at the police station, trying to find Stuart Mosely. When the phone book fails him, he asks the cop if he knows Sarah Vernon, and is completely ignored. He sees an ad for the post office, and has an idea.

Back in 2010, Audrey receives a letter from Duke, postmarked 1955, and puts two and two together. They've got to get Duke back ... to the future! The officers head over to ol' Stu's house and ask about Duke. Stu sees Audrey and recognizes her as being "almost" Sarah. He tells her that a man from the past came by, and that she should go before he has another episode. While she's trying to piece together what that means, Nathan walks up with a photograph of Stu and his family, but before he can tell her about it, Stu says that he's a man from the past, too, and zaps him. Then, he tells Audrey that she wouldn't like him when he's angry, and she should leave.

At Gray Gull '55, Duke thanks the bartender for bailing him out, and asks him for another favor. He'll trade him his father's gold doubloon for whatever is in the bartender's wallet. Bartender, luckily, has a kid with a thing for pirates, and helps the guy out. Just then, Nathan arrives and the boys try to figure out what Duke could have done to change the future. Turns out, saving the bartender may have been the problem, and Duke blithely comments that if the bartender was supposed to die, then bartender will just have to die. About that time, the bartender stops by the table, and Nathan asks him his name: Roy Crocker. Grandpa Crocker. Oh. My. God.

The boys are confused, because Sarah was supposed to kill him, but Sarah was nowhere near the bar fight. Duke has issues with killing his grandfather, understandably, and is upset by the idea. He knows it has to happen, or the natural order will be off, and Dave will kill Vince, but he never thought that Grandpa would be so cool. Or nice. Or harmless. He expected someone much more like his not-so-likable father. Still, he knows it has to be done. Nathan is off to find a tattooed inmate to help him find Stu.

Back in 2010, Claire sees Audrey on the road, and tells her that she needs to get out of sight. After all, she's a wanted fugitive for killing Reverend Driscoll. Audrey tries to explain to Claire that they're in an alternate reality, but Claire thinks that Audrey is creating delusions out of grief over Nathan's death. Wait...what? So, Nathan died trying to protect Audrey from the Rev? Okay, whatever. Audrey needs to talk to Stu, but the Boyden family is living in Stu's house, and has for the last ten years. Claire escorts a very shaken Audrey off the road.

In Hill Valley, a cute little tyke sees Nathan's badge and asks if he can be a police officer one day. He'd be Officer Wuornos. Officer Garland Wuornos. Nathan stifles a tear and tells his daddy that yes, one day he will be a police officer, and a darn good one, at that. Excuse me, but I think I have something in my eye.

Inside the station, Nathan finds the prisoner and helps him out of the building. In return, the man tells him that Stu is coming into town on the 1:15 ferry, and asks if he's as dangerous as people say. Nathan tells him to keep his distance, and the two part ways. Meanwhile, an officer overhears, and uses the nearby payphone to call someone to tell them to meet him at the pier. They've been waiting on this guy. At the bar, Grandpa Crocker hangs up the phone, signs a birthday card, drops the doubloon in the envelope, and tearfully leaves the bar. Duke notices all of this.

At the pier, Officer McShady and Grandpa discuss the target. It's an injured war vet named Stuart Mosely. Grandpa doesn't want to kill a vet. He acts like he doesn't want to kill anyone, but the McShady will have none of it. He's killed before, and he's going to kill this guy. Duke is nearby, and doesn't want his ride home killed. McShady tells Grandpa that this is what the Crockers do, but Grandpa thinks he's better than that. The officer goes to shoot Grandpa, and Duke rushes in to save Grandpa for a second time.

A short time later, Duke meets up with Nathan, and tells him that Grandpa is still alive. Duke explains that Grandpa is a good guy. He was supposed to kill Mosely and refused. Unfortunately, Nathan doesn't think this is the time for Duke to work out his family issues. Duke argues that he can get Grandpa out before he can even meet Sarah, making it impossible for her to kill him. I'm not sure how that would fix the space-time continuum, but it doesn't matter. Before they can discuss the idea, Stuart is helped off the ferry and into a wheelchair...pushed by Nurse Sarah. Nathan decides to follow Sarah, and Duke reminds him that Sarah may look like Audrey, but she's not Audrey, and she may be a killer. Duke goes off to find Grandpa. They need to talk.

Nathan finds Stu, but before they can talk, Sarah barges in and leads Nathan out by his ear. He can't stop looking at her, and says that she's incredible. He means the resemblance, but she takes it as flirting, and softens up. You can't call a girl incredible and then just walk off, you know.

At the bar, Duke and Grandpa have a heart to heart. Duke tries to get Grandpa out of town--take the kid to Disneyland--but the wife will take some convincing. Duke runs to the little boy's room to give Grandpa a chance to talk to Grandma, but Grandpa accidentally runs across his own journal, instead. His own journal that just happens to be in with Duke's belongings. When Duke comes out of the restroom, instead of taking his advice to not bet on the Sox this entire century, he clocks him.

On the beach, Nathan and Sarah are having a picnic. How romantic. How long have Duke and Grandpa been talking, anyway? She's a nurse in a vet hospital in DC, and has only just arrived in Haven to work with Stuart. She doesn't know anyone. Nathan is her first friend in Haven. She tries to kiss him, but he walks away. Why does she always go for the shy ones, she asks, and he turns around and kisses her like she's never been kissed before.

After Duke comes to, Grandpa starts grilling him as to why he has Grandpa's obituary--dated that day--with a note that Sarah Vernon kills him. Duke explains that he's from the future and is his grandson. Before Grandpa can call him crazycakes, Duke proves it by describing how he goes all silver-eyed, and talks about how he hopes they can figure out a way to keep Grandpa alive. Grandpa ceases to be cool, gags Duke, and heads off to kill Sarah. He's figured out his own way to stay alive.

After the break, Nathan has conveniently found Duke and is untying him. Duke fills him in on the Grandpa situation, and they rush off to stop him before he kills Sarah...and Lucy...and Audrey.

Back in 2010, Claire is taking Audrey to Jordan. The Guard used to smuggle people into Haven, but now they smuggle people out. Claire confesses to Audrey that she believes her. She has to say that Audrey's delusional, but knows better. In 1955, Sarah tells Stu that she understands that he's different, and is there to help him. She's sweet and helpful, and altogether wonderful.

Claire and Audrey meet up with Chief Wuornos (alive!!!) who wants to help Audrey. He tells her that he hopes her Haven is the real Haven, because a father shouldn't outlive his son. She asks how he knew that he died, and the Chief says that it's written all over her face. Goodness knows, I've missed that man. Unfortunately, this touching moment is cut short by a group of armed men cutting off their path.

In 1955, Nathan finds Sarah and warns her that there are people out to kill her. She doesn't understand why anyone would want to hurt her, but she trusts him. She doesn't want to leave Stu, but Nathan gives her a gun and says that he'll watch Stu. She has to run, and not stop until she hears that a man named Roy Crocker is dead. She kisses him, in case she never sees him again, then runs downstairs where Duke is waiting for her. Of course, Grandpa is waiting for her, too. They draw their guns, and Duke begs them to put down their weapons. Sarah says they'll do it together, but Grandpa tries to pull a fast one. He sets down the gun and brandishes a knife, causing Sarah to pull her trigger out of self-defense. Grandpa dies in Duke's arms, sending Duke silver-eyed from the blood.

At the hospital, Duke and Nathan wonder if this is how it always happened, and fear they may be stuck. Duke goes outside for some air, and Sarah walks over to Nathan, demanding answers. Nathan explains to her about the troubles, and how he's from the future, and that the longer he stays, the worse the future becomes. Amazingly, she believes him. He tells her that she helps the troubled, and that Stu is troubled. Stu's platoon was lost and he lives in constant fear of dying, but maybe he only thought they were lost. Maybe he actually sent them somewhere safe. Nathan tells Sarah that Stu remembered him from, well, now, and that's why he was sent back to 1955. Sarah doesn't want Nathan to talk to Stu about his trouble, fearing that he might upset Stu, but Nathan has that photo of Stu with his family. He can show Stu how he'll live to be an old man. That shouldn't upset him. That should make him happy. Sarah sees the picture and knows that this is the right thing to do. Sadly, it's also goodbye. Nathan says that it's hello somewhere else. Duke arrives and says that she needs to do it for the Haven Herald and Vince and Dave Teague. She doesn't know them, yet, but they'll be friends.

In 2010, Claire, Audrey, and Chief Wuornos are about to be executed. Audrey tries to trade her life for theirs, and it looks like the mercenaries are going to take her up on her offer. Meanwhile, in 1955, Sarah shows Stu his picture and asks for his help. Stu breaks down into relieved tears, knowing that he's safe and going home. As he hugs Sarah, Nathan and Duke disappear. In 2010, the armed man points his gun at Audrey's head and pulls the trigger.

The bullet moves in slow motion, before reversing, then vanishing along with everyone but Audrey. The scenery changes, and Audrey is suddenly back with old Stu, who is telling her that she looks just like Sarah. She meets back up with Nathan and Duke, and tells Duke that whatever he did, no matter how guilty he may feel, it was the right thing. Nathan tells Audrey about Sarah, and how she was a nurse on her first case in Haven. Audrey asks if Sarah had a son, and Nathan is perplexed. She tells him that the Colorado Kid is Sarah's son, and I start to wonder what happened on the beach after that kiss. Is Nathan the Colorado Kid's daddy?

Back in 1955, Sarah decides to stay in Haven. She calls her supervisor for permission, and Agent Howard--dressed in an Army uniform--happily grants it.

In Two Weeks: Some little kid can make people hurt themselves ... or something. Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!