'Grimm' recap: 'Season of the Hexenbeist'

Nick and Adalind catch up. Courtesy NBC

Opening Quote: "Oh! There is a terrible witch in that house who spewed her poison over me and scratched me with her long fingernails."

Picking up right where last week ended, Juliette runs out of the Spice Shop and drives away when she sees Monroe. She is followed by a leather clad woman on a motorcycle. As Juliette tears into the house she is calling Nick, telling him they need to talk, she is having a really bad day. Really? Does she really think Monroe isn't going to tell on her? Well, as soon as Nick hangs up the phone, it rings again. Guess who? Monroe. Nick cheerfully answers the phone, as Monroe stutters that they need to talk. Monroe won't tell him what about, but suggests they meet for dinner. When Nick tells him he's meeting Juliette, Monroe suggests he come over to his place first. Perplexed, Nick hangs up.

We then cut to the lovely Adalind, who has moved up in the world. Seriously, she has minions and everything. This won't end well. She's the one having Renard and Juliette followed.

Nick wisely decides to go see Monroe first. Poor Monroe, he looks somewhat terrified. He downs a bottle of beer, steeling his nerves. "How are things going with Juliette?" He proceeds to tell Nick a story about a couple in the Spice Shop kissing. The woman looked remarkably like Juliette. He apparently, really doesn't know who Renard is, because he doesn't name him. Nick looks like a sad little kicked puppy. Nick, of course, asks who the guy is. Monroe stammers that he doesn't know the circumstances. Maybe it has something to do with Adalind's spell, but Nick finally looks a little pissed. He leaves to confront Juliette.

He walks into the house looking a little miffed. He sits on the dreaded couch and asks what she wanted to talk to him about. Juliette stammers and stutters and finally spits out that she has feelings for someone else. He asks her who it is. She pauses, looking for the words to tell him she has the hots for his boss, when he stops her. He doesn't want to know. Son of a bitch. I may have thrown something at the tv at this point. He follows that up with a slightly choked up "It's none of my business anymore". Juliette looks away tearfully. At this point, Nick gets up and leaves the house. Leaving Juliette to go cry on Monroe's big Blutbad shoulders. I wish I had a Monroe to cry on.

Holy crap! Adalind actually shows up knocking on Hank's door. Hank asks her if she brought more cookies. Ha! Way to go Hank! She claims she just came over to apologize and blame Nick for her mother's death. As he shuts the door and walks back into the house, he is attacked by some wesen in some very nice suits.

Adalind proceeds to Renard's who she had her minions accost in the elevator. "Sean! It's so good to see you." She gives him 48 hours to get The Key from Nick, or she'll tell him who Renard really is and what he has done. Her ultimatum delivered, she and the goon squad leave. Renard calls some co-conspirator, telling him of the demand Adalind has made on behalf of his brother. The man warns him to be careful and that he will call when he knows more. Sadly, as he hangs up the phone, he is attacked by another snazzily suited wesen.

Nick has found himself another couch to sleep on, this one in The Trailer. Sgt Wu wakes him up with news of Hank's trashed house and that he's in the hospital. Juliette also got some couch joy, only at Monroe's. She tells him that she remembers being at his house before the coma and she wants him to tell her what the big secret is. Monroe beats around the bush and Juliette exclaims that she is tired of being kept in the dark! "The dark does have it's bright side."

As Nick starts the search for Adalind, Monroe calls about Juliette. Great. Now Nick goes tearing off looking for Juliette because he's afraid Adalind will go after her too. Which of course, she does. In the form of taking her for coffee.

At the station, Renard calls Nick into his office. He asks Nick about Juliette. Fishing to see if Nick knows about him, of course. But, it's obvious Nick is clueless. Adalind is doing some fishing of her own. She's quizzing Juliette about Aunt Marie and The Trailer. When Juliette finally decides to answer Nick's phone call, Adalind takes great pleasure in indirectly taunting him about Hank. Shortly, thereafter, Sgt Wu shows up to arrest the former Hexenbiest. Obviously, Adalind wants to be arrested and even tells Renard so.

During questioning, Adalind continues to taunt Nick. She slips out that the company she works for really wants The Key. Nick cuts the interview short, afraid of what else she might say.

Monroe snoops around and confirms that Hank was attacked by Hundjager. Which means The Verat is in town and that Adalind is working for the Royals. Nick finds that the company Adalind is working for, GQR Industries, also owned the ship that the Mauvais Dentes came into town on.

Adalind sends Renard on a search for Aunt Marie's Trailer. Where Nick happens to be, picking up a few weapons and The Key. Monroe is being a badass, barging into Adalind's hotel room pretending to be lost. The Hundjager inside become suspicious and follow him. Monroe leads them straight to Nick. Monroe asks him "Are you going to arrest them or what?" "Or what" Nick finally replies. Yay for the Grimm! As they close in, Nick shows himself and begins wailing on them with a mace. When one seems like she is going to spill some Royal Secrets, one of the others jumps up and rips out her throat. Monroe figures they should leave the murder scene. Nick dumps all their i.d.'s, cell phones, and the murder weapon on Monroe and tells him to hide them at his place while he goes to Adalind. She just taunts him some more, so he goes home. He barges into Juliette's bedroom and finally says he's not sleeping on the couch anymore. "You're not sleeping in here!" she says. He knows that, and packs his stuff up and goes to Monroe's. Only Monroe has a spare bedroom, so no more couches. Yay! As Monroe gets him settled, he tells Nick that he knows who the guy was with Juliette in the Spice Shop. He saw him on the news on his DVR. He ques up the video and plays it for Nick.

The video is of Renard, of course. Nick is stunned. While Nick is getting his grand revelation, Renard himself drives up to Aunt Marie's Trailer. The screen goes black with the dreaded "TO BE CONTINUED....", followed by "Sorry."

Argh! This was the mid-season finale, so we have to wait until next year for new episodes.

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