Syfy greenlights new paranormal shows - cancels 'Ghost Hunters International,' 'Fact or Faked,' 'Destination Truth'?

Expect a lot more paranormal activity on the Syfy network in the coming year - but don't expect a few familiar shows to be returning.

The channel announced in a press release today that it greenlit Ghost Mine, Stranded and Notorious Hauntings - three new paranormal-themed reality shows to premiere in the first part of 2013. According to Syfy, the shows build upon the net's "popular paranormal reality programming block led by Ghost Hunters, Paranormal Witness and Haunted Collector."

Ghost Mine, premiering Jan. 16 at 10 p.m., focuses on a re-opened, supposedly haunted gold mine where "a colorful team of miners" seek fortune alongside a group of paranormal investigators - on hand to explore the ghostly activity and Masonic connections. Stranded, premiering Feb. 27 at 10 p.m., is produced by Destination Truth's Josh Gates (who also serves as showrunner) and Ping Pong Productions (Destination Truth, Finding Bigfoot), and follows teams of three dropped into famously haunted locales. The teams' experiences will be documented with handheld cameras and stationary cams to create a blend of a POV and docudrama.

Then there is Notorious Hauntings (premiering Spring 2013), produced by Pilgrim Studios - the production company behind the Ghost Hunters franchise. A globetrotting paranormal investigative show, the Notorious Hauntings team uncovers history and explores claims of paranormal activity at locations such as Dracula's stomping grounds in Romania and the sites of Jack the Ripper's murders in London.

Notorious Hauntings sounds similar to another international ghost hunting Syfy show produced by Pilgrim ... called Ghost Hunters International. And Mike Nichols, who has exec-produced GH and GHI, also produces Notorious. For a while now it has seemed that GHI - also produced by GH's Jason Hawes - wouldn't be returning, but this puts the nail in that ghost show's coffin.

Following Ghost Hunters Academy, this is the second GH show that appears to be cancelled. After a rotating cast of investigators, coupled with the fact that they haven't filmed any episodes for more than a year (and that last season's ratings were weak), it is reasonable to expect a GHI reboot. But even though GH remains a strong ratings performer (and was recently renewed for season nine), does Pilgrim and Syfy's scrapping of the GHI name suggest a move away from GH as a franchise?

Additionally, it is noteworthy that Fact or Faked: Paranormal Files and Destination Truth are absent from Syfy's list of "popular paranormal reality programming block." Through omission, the announcement of three new shows reads like a de facto cancellation notice of three other shows - all while reinforcing Syfy's continued commitment to the paranormal.

Of course, this could be reading too much into the press release and maybe we can expect to see more of Kris Williams and Barry FitzGerald's GHI team, as well as Ben Hansen's Fact or Faked crew. Whatever the case, Truthies out there can take comfort that at least Josh Gates, who has become a trusted pitch man for the entire net, will still be with Syfy - even if behind the scenes. Then again, this is the TV biz, folks; even cancelled shows can come back from the dead to haunt another day.

So what do you think? Are you a diehard GHI, DT or FoF fan who is riled up over the announcement? Are you stoked to see these new shows?

-Aaron Sagers