'The Walking Dead' recap: 'When The Dead Come Knocking'

Merle destroys ol' Glenn. Courtesy AMC

In this week's The Walking Dead, Merle and Glenn don’t get along, and I just can’t imagine why. I mean there was that whole thing from season one where they left Merle on the roof and made him cut off his own hand. Then there was that thing this season where Merle captured Glenn and Maggie to force them into saying where Daryl and the rest of the group was holed up.

Glenn obviously has enough sense not to tell Merle anything. (Never trust a man with a bayonet for an arm.)


Just where we left off last week, Michonne is looking in at the prison yard from the fence. Just when it looked like Michonne might pass out and get eaten alive, Carl (of all people!) pulls though and saves her by killing the zombies.

There is the ultimate tug-of-war between Michonne and Rick since they both have huge balls. I would put my money on Michonne if it came down to it, but she lets the gang know about the Woodbury and The Governor.


Let’s all rejoice! Carol is alive. You can tell that Carl has some mixed feelings since old Carol pulled through and Lori didn’t make it. It’s OK Carl, Carol is probably a better mother anyway ... Oops, maybe not; Sophia did end up getting bit.


Damn boy, you have seen some better days. Merle has been kicking his ass while trying to get information, and Glenn tries to trick Merle by telling him he’s been holed up with Jim, Rick, Andrea, and the others - but, of course, Merle knows that is a lie since Andrea is boning The Governor at Woodbury.

Merle is a notorious asshole, and I guess his version of Mr. Nice Guy was just beating the shit out of Glenn. When he was tired of dealing with Glenn, he set a zombie loose on him. I thought I might pull the carpet out of the floor because I was so on edge about that scene because:

  • Merle found an incredibly fast zombie to put in the room with Glenn.
  • Glenn was duct-taped to a chair and partially incapacitated.
  • Maggie is in the other room hearing the whole thing go down. 


Glenn ended up killing the zombie, but the end of that scene showed the pure frustration that he was under.

Glenn refuses to give up where the guys are staying, but Maggie, after being nearly raped and forced to undress in front of The Governor (What was that all about?), eventually tells them where they were staying after The Governor threatens Glenn.


Would you let Carl name your baby? Judith. No offense to any Judys, Judiths or Ju-Jus out there, but I think I like Little Ass Kicker better.


Milton is such a creep. He was performing a series of experiments on Mr. Coleman, a man that was dying of prostate cancer to see if any part of him would exist after he turned into a zombie.

Andrea is becoming a weirdo Woodbury sympathizer and feels badly for Milton. Unfortunately, you can’t feel bad for these Woodbury people because they are all a little bit creepy. Just as one would suspect, his experiment fails, he’s an idiot and tries to take the guy from his restraints, almost gets bitten, then has to get rescued by Andrea.

I guess it’s cool and all that she’s a little traumatized because she can always go back to The Governor’s man-whore den and drink a little whisky.


Since they came upon the walkers in the woods and had to find a place to hide, Michonne proves what an asset she can be and how she doesn’t take shit from anyone. The Governor sends Merle and Martinez to check out the prison since Maggie gave up their location as Michonne, Rick, Oscar, and Daryl go to rescue Maggie and Glenn.

Sinking My Teeth In

  • The Governor is a creeper, psycho rapist, which doesn’t shock me.
  • I hate The Governor.
  • The scene from last night's ep with Guv and Maggie has to take the cake for one of the most (if not the most) disturbing scene on TWD - it was super cringeworthy and hard to watch.
  • That hermit dude the gang wake up in the cabin must have been hibernating for awhile if he was planning on calling the cops. Too bad Rick and Michonne have love for no one, so they kill the guy and throw his body out the door for the zombies to eat. Cold as ice!
  • Oscar and Axel are turning out to be A-OK felons. In fact, is Oscar going to be a substitute Tyrese? (She asks the comic book fans.)
  • Are you also anticipating the showdown between Daryl and Merle? Think Daryl will be the one to take big bro out?
  • What is going on with Andrea? Is she going to side with the Woodbury people once Rick, Michonne and Daryl come for Glenn and Maggie?
  • Are Glenn and Maggie even going to make it? This show has been burning through characters like Lay's potato chips (you can't eat just one, you know), which makes us think no one is safe.

Next week is the midseason finale, "Made to Suffer," and it looks like war is on at Woodbury - Sunday, 9 p.m. ET on AMC.