'Fringe' recap: 'The Human Kind'

Courtesy FOX

Fringe is back after a short break! So, last episode, Olivia found out that Peter had implanted himself with an Observer device. Since this is making him act like an Observer, it is somewhat worrisome. We open this episode with Olivia sitting in a car in a dark alley waiting for Anil. While she waits she watches some workers scraping the posters of Etta off the building in front of her. Anil has brought her another Observer device so Walter can look at it to see what Peter has done to himself. When she looks back at the building, Etta's face is gone, replaced by that of an Observer.

Meanwhile, Peter continues mapping out his timelines of Captain Windmark. While he does this, Windmark is searching for him, showing up at at Etta's apartment at precisely the time Peter predicted. Peter watches from the street, smirking ominously.

Walter and Astrid are at the Harvard lab watching another tape. This one instructs them to get a large electromagnet from a salvage yard in Pennsylvania. Olivia arrives and interrupts them to show Walter the device and tell him what Peter has done. Peter chooses this moment to call and Walter begs him to come back. Reminding him that he promised to save him. Sadly, Peter declines. He only called to tell them not to go back to Etta's apartment. He assures Walter that he is in complete control. This obviously is not the response that Olivia wanted. She becomes to jumpy to stay and watch them work, so she decides to go after the magnet alone. When Olivia shows up at the salvage yard looking for the magnet, she meets Simone. Simone has been expecting Olivia for 21 years. Apparently her mother promised a grey-haired man to hold the magnet and a truck until Olivia came for it. She claims to have a "gift". She knows "lots of things". Olivia remains unimpressed. She later tells Simone that she knows all about special gifts and proceeds to tell her about a few of her own.

Peter is stalking Capt. Windmark who manages to teleport behind him. He malevelontly informs Peter that he isn't the only one who can manipulate futures. Some Matrix-style awesomeness ensues. During the fight Windmark shows Peter Etta's last thoughts, but Peter shakes free and escapes, killing another Observer on his way. He manages to make it to the lab for Walter to suture him up. He claims to feel no pain from his wounds. Walter and Astrid have managed to test the device out on a preserved brain. The new brain growth caused by the device overrides the part of the brain that causes emotions. So, things aren't looking very good for Peter, huh? Walter tries to warn him of what the device is doing to him, but Peter stops him. He already knows and he doesn't care. Walter continues to beg, but Peter remains unmoved by his emotion.

The fuel for Olivia's big truck finally arrives and she leaves with her prize. Unfortunately she is tricked into stopping the truck and is taken prisoner by some low-lifes who intend to turn her over to the Observers. There appears to be some dissent in the ranks, though. Scumbag No 1 doesn't appear to want to get involved with the Observers, wile Scumbag No. 2 wants the money. He insists that they meet at a "Truth Church" to exchange the money. Apparently the Observers can't read people in a Truth Church. Olivia has not been idle, though. She is busy trying to set her coat on fire while they are plotting to sell her off. She rigs a gun up and uses a compressor to shoot Etta's bullet into Scumbag No. 2. She then escapes shooting Scumbag No. 1 on her way out. She then pries Etta's bullet out of the wall and calls Walter. This prompts her to go looking for Peter. When she finds him, he plots out the timetable of his plan to kill Windmark. Olivia appears agitated. She tells Peter how Etta isn't gone, that she saved her today. That Etta's bullet saved her life today and she would always be with them. She pleads with him to take the device out even as he tells her that Etta's last thoughts were of them in the park before the Invasion. She continues anyway, finally ending with "I love you". As Peter looks down and sees Windmark walking across the courtyard just as he planned, he pulls out a knife and cuts the device from the back of his neck. He holds the bloody mess out to Olivia and she takes it, replacing the device with Etta's bullet necklace. He collapses against her and we fade to black.

There's only five episodes left, folks and Walter spends the next one trippin'.

The next epsiode of Fringe, "Black Blotter" is Friday, December 14 at 9 PM EST on FOX.