'Haven' recap: 'Last Goodbyes'

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We're one week out from the season finale of Haven and Audrey's possible departure, and now one of the group will be revealed to be the Bolt Gun Killer! Even with all that, the troubles never cease in Haven. At least, this week's trouble comes with a cool guest star.

The Trouble

Audrey's heading for the office, when the car in front of her decides it doesn't feel like driving when the light is green. She gets out to check on the driver, and finds him slumped over the steering wheel, out cold. When she calls 911, no one answers. She looks around and notices bodies all over the ground. The town of Haven has instituted nap time.

At the station, everyone, including Nathan, has gone sleepytime, Audrey walks outside to survey the damage, and runs into a guy in an obnoxious shirt (that I kind of love, actually) that reads "This is the Droid you're looking for". He's awake and seems just as thrown off by the situation as she is. When he speaks, my husband goes into full fan-boy mode, because this is Drake from Drake's Fortune!

Audrey pulls a gun on the guy, identifies herself, and demands to know who Drake is. He says he has amnesia, only one shoe, and a stupid shirt; how dangerous could he be? Together, they go on a scavenger hunt to find out Drake's Haven identity. He woke up on the side of the road, and when they reach the location, they find that he was ejected from an ambulance. Drake doesn't know why he was going to the hospital. He has no injuries. Audrey explains to him about the troubles (because he doesn't know what they are? Dwight must be a better cleaner than I thought) and tells him that he must have triggered the night-night trouble somehow. He's doubtful, but grudgingly goes along with it. I mean, what choice does he have, really?

At the station, Audrey tries to access 911 records to find out who called the ambulance for Drake, but the system has gone to sleep, too. Drake says that's not his fault, and rattles off some medical mumbo jumbo about the type of amnesia he has. When he sees Nathan, he diagnoses him as being in a degenerative coma with 12 hours left to live. Either Drake is a doc, or has an obsession with WebMD. In any case, these two need to get on the stick and figure out how to reverse this trouble. They just don't know exactly what the trouble is. He starts to have some minor memory flashbacks of favorite foods and a sports logo. Audrey recognizes the logo, and they head over to the Grey Gull to check out her hunch.

At the Grey Gull, Audrey shows Drake the Wall O' Fame, and a photo of a sports team that Drake belongs to. The photo has a list of names, and Drake's real name is Will Brady. Audrey finds him in the phonebook, and they head over to his house.

Audrey breaks into the house and they discover that Will is a doctor, but of the archeologist type (nice touch), so he shouldn't know so much about comas. Next to Will's diploma is a puffin earring. Audrey freaks out a bit, pulls her gun, and accuses Will of being a murderous skinwalker. Will has no idea what she's talking about, so she shows him the earring. At first, he doesn't recognize it, but after a second, he remembers the owner, Erin. Audrey says that he only remembers Erin because he killed her, but Will says that his memories are starting to shake loose. Now, what's a skinwalker?

Audrey takes Will to see Erin's body, and he remembers how she died. They'd been to see an old movie, and they were jumped on the way back to his house. Some guy with a bolt gun knocked him out and killed Erin. All that was left of her was the earring. Audrey argues that he only knows this because he killed Erin, but Will confesses that he could never hurt Erin. He was in love with her, but hadn't told her, yet. He was going to tell her that night. Audrey realizes that the festival playing old movies was two months ago. Will wasn't going TO the hospital. He was being taken FROM it when the trouble kicked in.

They rush back to the hospital, and find Will's brother and sister waiting outside of a room. Inside the room they discover Will's chart, and that he was in a coma for the past two months and on life support. If the tubes were ever removed, he would die within twelve hours, and that's why his trouble kicked in. He was unplugged and on his way home to die. He could hear everything while in his coma, and willed himself awake to keep from dying. That's his trouble; he woke up and everyone in Haven took his place.

Will remembers his sister saying that she hated his t-shirt, but his brother had him dressed in it because it was his lucky pick-up shirt. His sister hated that Will was still single, and the siblings hoped he could use it in the great beyond. Will decides that the only way to right this trouble is for him to put himself back in his coma, and hope that everyone else wakes up. He doesn't want to die, but he can't kill the entire town. He has to do this for the good of everyone else. You know, kind of like how Audrey doesn't want to go into the barn, but has to do it for the greater good of the town. He says that if he only had a few more hours or days, he'd fight dying tooth and nail, then falls back into his coma. Audrey realizes their similarities and decides to fight. She also decides that Will shouldn't have to die and has the ambulance turn around and take Will back.

At the hospital, Will's family is furious that he's hooked back up to life support. Audrey tells them that Will's still alive and can hear them. She also tosses out some inside info--like, how the sister hated the shirt but hoped he could find a nice girl in the afterlife--and proves that she's spoken to Will. The siblings feel horrible about nearly killing their brother, and thank her for keeping them from making a tragic mistake and pulling the plug too soon.

The Bolt Gun Killer

Nathan and Audrey gather Duke, Claire, and the Bros. Teague together at the aquariums to show them Tommy's skin and tell them that someone in this room is the Bolt Gun Killer, and they're going to interview each one to find the skinwalker. The BGK may take on voice and appearance, but not memories. Also, the BGK picked Tommy because he was (for, like, a minute) in their circle and had their trust. Stands to reason he would pick another member of the circle after Tommy stopped panning out. Outside, creepy coroner finds the dumping ground for the victims the BGK used for parts. The ground was cold, so all of the bodies were well-preserved and can be I.D.-ed.

Audrey and Nathan realize that once they identify all of the vics, they can create a composite of the body parts taken and find out what the patchwork woman (it's totally going to be a FrankenAudrey) looks like and its connection to Audrey and the Colorado Kid. One body was left with a tacky puffin earring, and it strikes a nerve with Audrey. The BGK took what he wanted: her life, her dignity; all that was left was an ugly earring.

At the station, Audrey tests Claire first, so she can help interview the others. Claire passes with almost flying colors. She slipped up once, but countered by explaining she was testing Audrey at the same time. They decide that neither is the skinwalker. Audrey wants to press on, but Claire tells her to take her time. She has the opportunity to say goodbye to everyone she loves, and it would be a shame to waste that.

Duke comes in for his interview, and Claire wants to test him with troubled blood. Instead, Duke regales Claire with the tale of the make-out session in Colorado. Claire would love to hear more of the gory details, but Audrey gives him the all-clear. Duke tells her that she doesn't have to go in the barn--it's not a done deal--but Audrey reminds him that if she goes, the troubles disappear with her.

Nathan's interview consists of his telling Audrey about how he could only feel her touch, and how he realized this when she kissed him the first time. Claire argues that the skinwalker only steals skin, not troubles, and would be able to feel Audrey, too, but Audrey says that she remembers that day and that Nathan has passed the test. Claire would like to know who else Audrey's kissed. This is the most interesting Claire's been all season, so she's probably the skinwalker. That would make sense, really. She hasn't had a real purpose up until now, anyway.

The Teague Brothers come in for their interview together, and Audrey grills them about the time the BGK held them hostage. Claire wants to keep them longer, but Audrey lets them go. She knows they're themselves not because of what they said, but because they're not telling her anything.

At Audrey's place, Claire is helping Audrey go through the interviews. Claire slips up and says too much, but before Audrey can figure out how to get out of the room because Claire is obviously the BGK, Claire pulls a gun on Audrey and asks what gave her away.

The Town Gossip

Audrey tells Nathan that she needs to talk to him about her feelings, and Nathan tells her that she has plenty of time to do that, because he's not letting her leave. I think I need a tissue.

Next Week: The season finale!