Grant Wilson on playing lead with Rather Dashing Games, leaving 'Ghost Hunters'

After eight years and more than 150 episodes, Grant Wilson stepped down from his role as co-lead investigator on Syfy's paranormal reality-TV show Ghost Hunters last May. However, don't play taps from Wilson's career. Instead, Wilson is playing by a new set of rules - literally. As vice-president and artist of Rather Dashing Games, he has embarked on an endeavor to create games for the masses.

In an inaugural edition of a little podcast we're calling "Geek Season" - a semi-frequent show where I'll be talking to fellow geeks in a conversational setting - Wilson joined me to chat about Rather Dashing, as well as offering more insight behind his choice to leave Ghost Hunters after getting burnt out and tired.

Check it out on the embedded player above, and let us know who else we should be chatting with on future installments of "Geek Season."

-Aaron Sagers

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