Web of 'Spider-Man' sequel casting grows

Looks like the cast for the Amazing Spider-Man sequel is only growing, and now includes a resurrected dead character.

A few days back director Mark Webb tweeted news that Dane DeHaan (the villain from the really cool found-footage super-hero movie Chronicle) will be playing Harry Osborn against Andrew Garfield’s Pete/Spidey. Will he become the super-villain Green Goblin, Hobgoblin, Demi-Goblin, "New" Goblin? Any Goblin at all? And if Harry will be around, is it a safe bet that megalomaniac daddy Norman Osborn will also appear?

Oh, and we also know that Shailene Woodley has been cast as love-interest Mary Jane Watson and Emma Stone will be back as Gwen Stacy. So might MJ's arrival signal jackpot for Pete and a headstone for Gwen? After all, it's easier to drop blondie off a bridge if Spidey has a new gal to comfort him.

As for a villain, Django Unchained himself Jamie Foxx revealed to Entertainment Tonight he'd be starring in the sequel as the electrifying baddie Electro.

Says Foxx, "I think Electro will be an exciting character to play because he's a ... genius electrician-type person, and he gets the short end of the stick from the whole world, and the next thing you know he turns it on."

Now we've learned that Martin Sheen will return in the sequel as Uncle Ben - a character who took a bullet and died in the first movie. Now, it is unlikely that Ben would rise from the grave as Zombie Ben (with great power comes great ... braaaains?), but will instead appear in flashbacks or dream sequences. Sam Raimi did the same with his Uncle Ben (played by Cliff Robertson). Oh, and Sally Field will be returning as Aunt May as well.

So it sounds like this cast is rounding out for production, which begins early 2013 for a May 2014 release. Now we just need to think about who that shadowy figure was at the end of Amazing - who might be playing that guy?

What do you think? Will Electro be enough of a villain to drive the action? Are you excited for redhead MJ to show up? Will Uncle Ben be a zombie? Sound Off!

-Larissa Mrykalo