'Being Human' recap: 'It's a Shame About Ray'

Courtesy Syfy

Last season of Being Human left us with a few cliffhangers. Josh and Nora had their confrontation with Ray, but who won? Aidan was buried underground. And finally, Sally was still trapped in Limbo. These issues are addressed quite nicely in the opening sequence. Aidan and Sally are sitting in the kitchen ridiculing Josh's lobster cooking technique. They take this time to air their grievances: Aidan being hunted by werewolves, Josh being stood up in the woods, and Sally reminding everyone they all have to die. Aidan insists that no one has to die. He repeats to himself, "We're not going to die" as Josh and Sally fade

Alas, he remains in his coffin underground.

We now get to see Nora (Kristen Hager, now a series regular. Yay!) earnestly imploring a psychic to help "contact" someone. For just a moment we are fooled into thinking it's Josh, until he pops up and insists that he is not going to buy candles, or tea.During the psychics reading, we see what happened to Ray. Nora shot Ray and then Josh beat him to death with a rock. Ah, date night.

It's been 15 months since Aidan went missing and they've had no luck finding him or a way to contact Sally. A vampire suffering from some sort of plague is brought into the hospital. Josh asks if he knows where Aidan is, but the guy flips out when Nora enters the room. Uh oh. Apparently he can tell Nora's a werewolf, but he didn't have that reaction to Josh!

We get treated to a flashback of Josh and Nora locking themselves in their storage rooms unsure if killing Ray cured them or not. When Josh fails to transform, he excitedly runs to Nora's room and is unlocking the door when she attacks it from inside. Whoopsie! Josh got cured, but Nora is still a wolf.

Nora and Josh are waiting for a psychic who makes house calls. Unfortunately, it's the same psychic that tried to exorcise Sally before. She refuses to enter the house, but gives them the name of someone else to ask, a Ms. Gilchrist. Ms. Gilchrist, aka Donna the Witch, runs a soup kitchen. That's sweet.

Aidan lucks out and gets dug up by a creepy dude who makes him wear a Hannibal Lecter mask. He takes him back to a lovely little shack and proceeds to bleed him dry. The vampires dying of the plague think that Aidan's blood can cure them, and they're willing to pay. They are unable to feed off most people anymore because they are tainted meat.

Payback can be such a bitch.

Anyway, creepy dude is soon killed by sickly Amish vampire Atlee (the same who took the credit for shooting pureblood wolf Connor last season), who hauls Aidan off to take back to his brothers. Did I mention that Aidan has gotten quite scruffy in his coffin? I'm not digging the beard, at all.

Did I also say Donna the Witch was sweet? Hmm. Maybe not. It's going to take $2000, but the money's the least of it. She needs a heart, but not just any heart. When they don't balk at that, she pats Josh on the arm and tells him it has to be the heart of someone he killed. Right. Easy peesey. So off they go to dig up Ray. Ray doesn't look too bad for a guy that's been dead for 15 months. Josh is remarkably focused, despite the fact that Nora won't shut the hell up. They get the job done with the help of a very large saw and trot back to Donna with Ray's heart. She's busy stuffing some turkeys when they get there and Josh just can't help himself.

"How is a witch entrusted with feeding the needy?" he blurts out.

She takes this moment to let them in on the next thing they need, Sally's body. So. Now they have to go dig up Sally. Another fun date night. Good news, though! Sally's going to get her body back! I wondered how Josh was going to be able to see her since he's not a werewolf anymore!

Aidan continues his hallucinations on his way to the Atlee's place. Only this time, Bishop's there! Josh and Sally quip back and forth with Aidan when Bishop (Mark Pellegrino!) butts in. He chastises Aidan for just letting this guy kill him. Josh and Sally agree that Bishop is quite compelling.

"I kinda want to make out with him," says Sally. All of this pushes Aidan into attacking Atlee, but he loses. Atlee decides he's not going to share with his brothers and proceeds to chew on Aidan. Unfortuantely, Aidan does not turn out to be the cure. Atlee crumbles into dust, leaving the speeding van to crash into a telephone pole.

The soup kitchen luckily does doube duty as body prep central too. Donna is wrapping Sally's body with some salve made from the heart of Ray. Josh is babbling about how Sally is going to kill him if she has worm holes in her face when she gets back. We flash over to Sally and the boys running through Limbo to the door. Unlike the hundreds of previous times, the door opens. In Limbo, Sally insists that Stevie and Nick have to go through the door first. After much badgering, they do and she follows.

Inside the soupkitchen, Josh is having an epic meltdown. Until the body starts to breath. As the body continues to gasp, Donna cackles delightedly. When Sally finally wakes up, she struggles to tell them that Stevie and Nick also came through.

This leaves Josh and Nora to wonder if they woke up inside their coffins. I'm
wondering if they aren't all inside Sally's resurrected body. What say you?

Oh, and Donna? She's pouring some thick bloody juice onto the ground in the woods. This of course leads her to Ray's corpse.

"Now what are we going to do with you?" she asks.

Can you say zombie? Oh, please let it be zombies!!

As a final worry, we are left with Aidan dying on the side of the road. "We are not going to die." he tells his imaginary Josh and Sally. "I am not going to die!"

The next episode of Being Human, "(dead) Girls Just Wanna Have Fun" airs Monday Jan. 21 at 9 p.m. EST on Syfy.