'Being Human' recap: The Teens, They Are A Changin'

Just a little post-wolfy breakfast. Courtesy Syfy

Last week left us with Sally in denial, Aidan hungry and Nora missing. I'm excited to see what new thrilling trouble our crew can get into! The good news is that Daddy Wolf didn't kill Nora; instead, as morning comes, they're sitting on a park bench slurping some Starbucks. Apparently, Liam really was just testing Nora out. He tells Nora that she's the only link he has to Brynn.

"Why would I hurt you?" Of course, he goes on to say, "There's no worse sin than turning on one of your own."

Are you worried? While this delightful chat is going on, Josh and Sally have been calling all the local hospitals with no luck. Nora finally comes home and tells Josh the wonderful news about her new friend, Liam.

Aidan and Henry are not doing so hot with the whole finding an uninfected food source. It's sweet, really. Aidan is trying really hard to find his vampire son some food! In desperation, he runs to Josh and asks him for help finding clean patients. Josh refuses, of course, but later is seen looking through some patient files.

Sally who just can't leave things alone, goes to the funeral home to visit with Trent's ghost. He's really happy at first, and then when he finds out the truth, yeah, not so thrilled. Sally tries to defend her stupidity, but the funeral attendant comes in and makes her leave with Trent sniping at her the whole way.

At the hospital, Josh is examining a loud-mouthed, obnoxious teenage girl. She's got a dog bite that happened on a full moon. Josh looks a little green as he looks at it. He gets her admitted and runs to tell Nora. It's a tough sell, but she convinces him not to tell the kid she's going to get all hairy just yet. They've got another day until the next full moon anyway.

(So apparently, this episode has somehow jumped a month forward in time? Really? It's taking Trent's family a month to get around to a memorial service? Umm. Okay.)

Josh and Nora walk in to Erin the obnoxious teen throwing her dinner plate at her social worker. Wow, she's been in 27 foster homes in two years. Hmm, looks like little Erin is a bit of a thief. I'm sure she's just troubled. Nora pulls her bitch card out and runs the social worker off and tries to talk Josh into taking her home with them.

Josh counters this with a "You heard the social worker! She's gonna cut us in our sleep, with a shank...shiv...shank."

"I think both are accepatble," Nora says.

Nora puts her foot down, and Josh agrees as we all knew he would. Nora did make a heartfelt case though. She is really identifying with this kid. Sounds like she's carrying a lot of guilt around. Makes one wonder where Liam has been for this month.

Sally is back to stalking Trent's ghost. She finds him watching his corpse get loaded into a van. As Sally is yammering on about his door, he tells her he knows exactly what it's going to take to get his door. Apparently Trent should have been home with his fiance when he was playing kissy face with Sally.

"Save the outrage. You killed ME," he tells her. He wants her to go to the memorial service and talk to his fiance. For once, Sally is concerned about maybe meeting people she knows there and, you know, killing them! But ultimately she caves and agrees to go.

Josh catches Henry at the hospital going through patient files. When Josh runs him off, Henry cruelly tells him that he isn't one of them anymore. Aidan will not even remember his name in 100 years. Ha! If he survives that long methinks. This little chat does have the desired effect though and Josh comes up with a potential blood donor for Aidan and his progeny. Aidan is ecstatic and assures the worried Josh that it is strictly "catch and release." Unfortunately, that doesn't work out so well.

Back at the house, Nora and Josh have brought their new pet project home. After offering her a nice oolong tea, they try to break the whole werewolf news to her gently. Understandably, she laughs. So Josh plays a tape of himself transforming. Of course, it looks like a guy getting naked in a dungeon, so he fast forwards to get to the good bit.

"Why are you showing me this?" Erin cries.

Nora simply tells her that even though this happens ever month she will live through it. As Josh completes his transformation on the tape, Nora says, "This is the part where you feel."

"Dying" Josh finishes as Nora says "amazing." The two of them are such a dichotomy.

Sally has enlisted the help of the funeral attendant to speak with Trent's fiance. Trent coaches her through telling Candice about him cheating on her, only to find she had been cheating on him too! Yay! Let's all move on! Sadly, that news didn't really help Trent out so much. Now he's obsessed with who Candice is cheating with and wants Sally to hit the road.

Aidan and Henry are hanging out around the clean-blooded cable installer's house when Henry loses it and tries to attack a neighbor. As Aidan pulls him away from the guy, he sees that Henry has some of that crusty black crud on his neck. Whoopsie! Looks like Henry went and got hmself infected somewhere. That's what you get for not listening to Daddy. Aidan tries to convince him that they will find a way to fix this, but Henry refuses. He throws out a "everyone who loves you dies" and stomps off to his room like every petulant teenager you've ever known.

As night begins to fall, Josh and Nora take Erin to the woods and give her a rump roast and a backpack full of morning after stuff and set her loose. When she hears the story of why Josh doesn't turn anymore, she's impressed.

"Dude, you've got layers!" She wanders off and Josh reaches in the trunk for Nora's pack. As he does this, Nora catches sight of the gun he has stashed in his waistband and is pissed at first. "You think that girl is damaged, fragile, abused. You think she's you. What if she's not? What if she's ... Brynn?"

Nora wisely decides to let him keep the gun. Nora and Erin stand in the woods waiting, while Josh sits in the car. Nora tries to comfort Erin and starts to explain what will happen to her, but Erin immediately begins to turn. Whoa, Nora hasn't even started her own transformation yet! Josh hears Nora call out his name and suddenly a wolf is clawing at the door of the car. As Josh is holding the door closed, the wolf jumps onto the hood of the car and starts trying to come in through the windshield. Suddenly Nora's wolf tackles wolf-girl Erin and they tumble into the woods. Josh, being Josh, follows with his little gun. I really think I'd want a bigger gun at a werewolf fight, but that might just be me.

Amazingly, as Josh watches, the wolves circle each other and then make nice. Yay! I think it's time to get back in the car, Josh. So, why do you think Erin's change happened so fast? Maybe because it was a pureblood who scratched her?

Henry has run off into the night unwilling to die in his apartment like a human waiting for hospice. Aidan follows him, just so he can get a little more pain apparently. Henry dumps another guilt trip on him.

"You tried to teach me to be a good man, but I'm not a man," He tells Aidan. " We're monsters...that's all we'll ever be. I'm a vampire, Aidan. And so are you."

With this Henry takes his diseased self off into the night.

Oh look, we aren't done with Trent yet! He's morosely hanging out in the funeral home, when a door magically appears in front of him. He hops up and happily walks through it. Only this door's not leading up to Heaven. He walks straight into Ms. Donna The Witch's kitchen.

"I was wondering when I was going to get my first delivery," she says. She congratulates Sally on showing so much restraint as she picks a meat clever up off of the counter."

"Am I supposed to spend eternity in a soup kitchen" Trent quips.

Witchypoo tells him he's not spending eternity anywhere as she swings her cleaver. I guess it's a magic cleaver, because it shreds Trent up and he dissolves into dust on the floor. Actual real physical dust.

The witch then gets down on her knees and eats a handful of it and lo and behold she becomes young again. What is it with Witch's and the being young thing? They sure are vain little bitches. So I wonder how long until Sally finds out about this?

The next episode of Being Human, "I'm So Lonely I Could Die," airs Mon. Feb. 4 at 9 p.m. ET on Syfy.