'Face Off' recap: 'When Hell Freezes Over'

Anthony & Alam's Hindu demon.
Courtesy Syfy

Demons possessed the contestants for a very "cool" spotlight challenge in this episode of Syfy’s Face Off. Ironically, the artists are lead into a dry, hot desert when McKenzie welcomes them to "HELL." There are six pitchforks in the dry earth that contain the names of demons from around the world. Teams have been pre-chosen and their task is to create a demon that best represents the demon’s characteristics and where they’re from.

Here are the teams and their demons: Kris/Eric Z. (Abraxas-Egyptian); Alam/Anthony (Deumus-Hindu); House/Meagan (Azi Dahaka-Iranian); Alex/Autumn (Pazuzu-Babylonian); Katie/Jenna (Eurynome-Greek); and, Eric F./Wayne (Chort-Russian).

The teams got to sweat it out in the desert for some inspiration and work on their sketches before they headed to the lab for day one of the challenge.

Day One
Lofty ideas prevailed for this challenge. This can mean time management disasters but this is one ambitious group. Eric F. scanned the lab for electronics so he could incorporate animatronics into the design. House and Meagan butted heads about some creative difference...it’s called a "team," House. Alex was concerned how the wings and scorpion tail would marry together into a successful design.

The biggest issue of the evening came from Jenna and her troubled hand. Her medical problem impeded her ability to sculpt and pull her weight during the challenge. This obviously frustrated her teammate, Katie, but she did display compassion.

McKenzie brought a chilling twist to the competition, however. She brought in a script note that changed the story. "Hell has frozen over" and now their designs need to be transformed into ICE demons. Some weren’t happy, some weren’t concerned. Eric Z. and Kris simply changed their warm colors to cool ones and Wayne and Eric. F.’s demon was Russian anyway so the change was easy.

Day Two
Mentor, Michael Westmore did his walk-through and doled out some great advice to the artists. His biggest concern was Eric F.’s grand idea of adding animatronics and the fear the paint job would suffer. Jenna is still suffering but soldiers on.

The Molding Phase is stressful and time just doesn’t seem to be on their side. Autumn seems the most confident with her winged Pazuzu (the demon featured in Exorcist II: The Heretic). Alam and Anthony discover they’ll have to do some extensive casting on Application Day.

Day Three
Application Day allows 4 hours to apply the prosthetics to the live models and then they get 1 hour for Last Looks. Eric F. continues to work on his mechanism for Chort and Katie puts the finishing touches on her leg extensions for her four-legged, walking wolf demon. House is not happy and Wayne is stressed and sick about the paint job.

During Last Looks, Eric F. knocks the cable wire loose and wrecked all his hard work on the animatronics. He should have listened to his mentor! Will this put them in the bottom?

The reveal brought some surprises not only to viewers but also contestants. Autumn was super confident, but her’s and Alex’s Pazuzu ended up as a bottom look along with Jenna and Katie’s Eurynome. In fact, Glenn said about Alex and Autumn’s look, "it punches you in the face how bad it sucks." Yikes!

Meagan and House along with Kris and Eric Z.’s demons were safe.

Top looks were (surprise!) Anthony and Alam’s regionally accurate Hindu demon that was described as "pretty." Also, Eric F. and Wayne’s large horned demon, Chort, was a favorite of the hard-to-please Glenn. After much praise, the winner of this week’s challenge was once again, Anthony. This obviously thrilled him but he’s now feeling even more pressure.

So who went home? It was surprisingly Katie, despite Jenna’s difficulty and problems, and Alex and Autumn’s distressing demon.

What do you think of this decision? Which were your favs tonight? Next week’s challenge is for the artists to create an original candy character. Check it out on Syfy, Tuesday at 9 p.m. ET.