FEARnet announces shorts programming

Courtesy FEARnet
FEARnet.com is being extra generous this season. According to a recent press release, the website companion to the horror network will be premiere more than 30 genre-centric short films in 2013, treating viewers to an eclectic blend of festival favorites, international picks, rarely-seen gems and more. New titles began appearing Jan. 21, and will continue to be added every other week.

The "more" they’re referring just may be the new episodes of the popular and completely adorable "30-Second Bunnies Theater" which are made specifically for FEARnet by horror fan Jennifer Shiman. Shiman began making these short films back in 2004 and reports that, "The idea of bunnies came about because I wanted to find a character that would lend itself to a short film synopsis."

Fans of the little critters can expect to see them in re-imaginings of the popular horror flicks Insidious, The Last Exorcism and The Human Centipede. The first one, Paranormal Activity, debuted Jan. 28. (You can even like the bunnies on Facebook)!

According to the release, here are some other highlights:

"I Love Sarah Jane"
Jimbo is desperately in love with Sarah Jane (Mia Wasikowska, Alice In Wonderland), and will do anything to be with her. But this isn’t your typical romantic comedy. Jimbo and Sarah Jane live in a post-apocalyptic world infested by zombies, in this offbeat short written and directed by Hesher helmer Spencer Susser.

"Sexy Nightmare Slayers"
Two sexy angels have been sent to earth to protect children from the beasts under their beds and the boogiemen in their closets. Team Unicorn presents this short created by Adam Green (Holliston) and Rileah Vanderbilt (Hatchet III), who also stars in it.

"Him Indoors"
Reece Shearsmith (Psychoville) stars in this darkly comedic horror short about an agoraphobic serial killer named Gregory. On the verge of eviction, he devises the perfect plan to save his home. But things are complicated by the arrival of a new neighbor.

"Say It Ain't Solo"
When a father and son hear that their favorite film, Star Wars, is the latest classic to be remade, they set out on a quest to put a stop to it. This star-filled short features appearances by Jason Alexander (Seinfeld), Emmanuelle Chriqui (Wrong Turn), Christopher Lloyd (Back To The Future), Malin Ã…kerman (Watchmen) and Joe Mantegna (Criminal Minds).

"Follow The Sun"
"Popcorn for eternity! Hell’s on its way!" The Kansas City-based MK12 collective presents this deranged take on nostalgic movie snack intermission ads that has been a celebrated hit in its screenings at Fantastic Fest, Mile High, and Slamdance.

Intrigued? You can catch all of these short films as well as the already-released "30 Second Bunnies," right here!