How did 'The Walking Dead' die? Let us count the ways

Obviously we know there have been a lot of zombie kills on The Walking Dead, but did you ever wonder exactly how many dead are no longer walking, shuffling, shambling and biting?

Well wonder no more, dear reader!

In advance of The Walking Dead's Feb. 10 return on AMC, the good folks over The National Post have assembled a very cool breakdown of the dead in graphic form.

They’ve painstakingly figured out what living human killed the most zombies each season, on-camera, and what weapon they used. No doubt it was a fun, but extremely daunting task.

It’s no surprise that Rick takes the lead by killing 86 zombies over the last three seasons, including that initial and shocking kill of the little girl zombie, played by Addy Miller. (Addy's kill was so iconic, she even has her own creepy, life-size figure at the Spirit Halloween store.) Rick also took out poor, lost Sophia, who, when she emerged from that barn, broke the hearts of viewers everywhere.

No surprise that Daryl with 41 kills and Andrea, with 22, round out the top three. Carol only destroyed four walkers so far, and is in last place. The overall total was a surprising 349 on-screen zombie "deaths" - which is kind of surprising since it seemed like more.

The most popular zombie-slaying weapon has been the handgun. But aside from some of the other obvious weapons, like Daryl’s crossbow and the shotguns they’ve used, some unconventional methods have been employed. These include fireplace pokers, that infamous broken chair leg that Glen just used to escape, a rock, and a boot that was made for walking and stomping the goo out of a walker’s head.

Do thee numbers surprise you, and what's been your favorite "kill" so far?

-Larissa Mrykalo