New 'Ghost Hunters' cast member hired and it is ....

It looks like Ghost Hunters is getting a new female investigator - sort of.

Remember how Ashley Troub - the investigator-in-training who just joined Ghost Hunters at the end of September, shown here from the GH Facebook page wearing a PPC tee - was sent back to California for additional training at the end of November? 

Whether or not Ashley was fired or re-assigned is up for discussion, but we've received a reliable tip that her spot has already been filled with another female ... and it's with someone we've seen before. 

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Courtesy Syfy
Previously seen in 2010 as one of the three finalists on the second round of the since-canceled Ghost Hunters Academy (along with Adam Berry, who went on to become a full-time investigator), Michelle Tate will be joining TAPS in the new season. 

Again, this information is from reliable sources, but IF true, the choice makes sense. Tate is not a controversial selection and always conveyed a likable personality on GHA. A resident of Texas, she's cute and has remained active in the paranormal field. And let's face it, GH needs more women in the boy's club - especially after removing the last one after only a few episodes.

It is worth noting that Tate is only the second GHA cadet to join the main TAPS team on Ghost Hunters. Previous winning cadets Karl Pfeiffer (a writer for Paranormal Pop Culture) and Susan Slaughter were sent to Ghost Hunters International (now canceled), with Pfeiffer disappearing after one episode.

In the interest of full disclosure, this reporter has also worked with Tate at events and knows her to be a huge fan of horror flicks, zombies and The Walking Dead. So we at Paranormal Pop Culture give her selection a big thumbs-up. Also, since she is a theatre geek and performer at the Summer Mummers, we should expect some fun antics between her and once-and-again costar Berry.

-Aaron Sagers