'Zombieland' to invade TV?

Courtesy Sony
Sadly, it doesn’t look like a movie sequel to Zombieland is happening, but fear not, plans for a TV version are in the works. A casting call went out last week and our friends over at io9.com even got hold of some of the script that’s being used for the casting. It looks like our favorite characters are going to be featured, but multiple changes could occur between now and actual production. A casting call also means that Woody Harrelson and Jesse Eisenberg will not be reprising their Tallahassee and Columbus roles.

The main characters (Columbus, Tallahassee, Wichita, and Little Rock) are being tweaked a bit. Here is what was gleaned from the pages, including other minor roles:

Columbus is much the same, except that he tracks down his grandma and grandpa (Bubbie and Peepaw) only to find them recently zombiefied. Also, Columbus is trying to deal with his newfound relationship with Wichita, after their first kiss. He has started calling her "Krista," her real name — but there are some problems, especially after she finds him reading a book about fatherhood. He tries to organize a romantic scavenger hunt for her in the IKEA they're camping out in, but it goes kind of horribly. 
Wichita is still trying to look after Little Rock, trying to teach her math with problems about someone stealing from a liquor store and jumping on a train going 42 miles per hour, with a cop chasing in a car going 88 miles per hour. We also learn a lot more about Wichita's backstory, including how she ran away from her father after he had her stealing people's Christmas presents — and later, she found out she had a sister who was also being a grifter with her dad. 
Little Rock seems actually kind of excited about meeting Columbus' grandparents, before they turn out to be zombies. And she shares some of her own backstory, about how her dad parked her at a school while he went off grifting on his own — and then yanked her out of school right before a dance that she was looking forward to. 
Fred and Ainsley are two office workers at the start of the zombie apocalypse, obliviously complaining about problems with their iPhones and getting the wrong order at Starbucks, which they admit are "first world problems" with a hashtag — while people are being disembowled just outside the window they're not facing. Tallahassee shows up to bring them their lunch orders, wearing a green polo shirt.
So are you excited about the prospect? Do you think it’ll be as funny and entertaining as the movie? Will Hostess start making Twinkies again in its honor? Let us know your thoughts!

-Larissa Mrykalo