'Being Human' Sam Witwer reveals 'Star Wars' news

You never know what kind of juicy info you’re going to learn in an interview. In a recent sit down with Being Human star Sam Witwer (who previously broke news in an interview with us) over at Fanhattan.com, we actually learned some Star Wars news.

As you know, Witwer not only plays the brooding vampire Aidan, but also voices Darth Maul in Star Wars: The Clone Wars that airs at 9:30am on Cartoon Network. He also showed off a super cool Being Human poster acclaimed artist Drew Struzan recently completed. The poster depicts the four lead characters (Sally, Aidan, Josh and Nora) and even includes some skillfully placed blood splatter.

If the name Drew Struzan doesn’t sound familiar, we bet you would recognize his artwork. He has completed work for such huge movies and franchises such as Harry Potter, Jurassic Park, Back to the Future, Indiana Jones and Blade Runner. In fact, a huge piece of news that the interview revealed is that Struzan was just asked by Disney to do the artwork for the upcoming Star Wars movie. You can check out more of his art in his book, The Art of Drew Struzan.

In the interview with Fanhattan, Witwer talks about how Struzan came to do the Being Human poster:

Drew watches Being Human and digs what we do. I’ve admired his work for years and dig what he does. Done! … Actually there was a bit more to it. I feel very strongly about Season 3. I mean, I like my show, don’t get me wrong, but this season was special to me. I think it’s an order of magnitude superior to what we’ve done so I thought it might be nice to do something special to mark that. Frank (Darabont) gets Drew to do art for every project he does, so I talked it over with him, “Do you think Drew might be into this? Doing art for my show? I mean he’s retired and stuff.” Frank reminded me that retirement only means Drew does only what he wants now, and suggested I call him up. I got Syfy’s buy-in on my crazy idea and called Drew and he was … well.. hell, he was extraordinarily generous. As for collaboration, I just told Drew, “Make my show.” … And so he did.
Here is what Struzan told Fanhattan about coming out of retirement and the prospect of doing the new Star Wars art:
Fanhattan: Last time you and I chatted, you talked about being retired, so I’m thrilled to see new work from you. Are you working on any big new projects. 
Drew Struzan: Oh, well, never say never, [laughs] because…in fact, I got a couple calls already this week on Star Wars from Disney. Oh my god, I’m trying to be retired! You know, I spent 35 years painting Star Wars. [laughs] I painted Star Wars before most of you were born! But I guess there is always a chance. There’s no intention. But I would love to have a day off every now and again, and I have to work a weekend and all through the night. If the opportunity arises, it will be a real temptation. But it’s going to have to be a real temptation to get me away from my wife and my little grandkids and my family. Away from the green trees and the blue skies for a change instead of just locked in the studio. But, you know, never say never. All things are possible.
Being Human airs on Syfy Mondays at 9 p.m. ET and Disney has announced that Star Wars Episode 7 (the first in a trilogy) will be out in the Summer of 2015.

-Larissa Mrykalo