'Being Human' recap: '(Dead) Girls Just Want To Have Fun'

Aidan rocking serial killer chic. Courtesy Syfy

Way to open Being Human with a bang! Scary guy barges through the door of some infected Amish vampires and demands to know where his son is. Uh oh! He's looking a little wolfy. He catches sight of a werewolf head nailed to the wall and stakes all the wimpy little vampires. He then sits down and promises the head vengeance.

"And if any harm has come to your sister... it will rain blood and ashes. Then the leeches will know, see a pureblood and run!"

Looks like Connor and Brynn's Daddy has come to town - and he's played by Xander Berkeley (24).

Back at the no-longer haunted house, all the ghosts have come back to life. Josh, Sally and Stevie watch as Nick and Zoe sloppily make out in the living room. When Zoe's mouth gets freed up she's all I can't believe this. You can't bring people back from the dead. To which Josh jauntily responds, "And yet we brought back three of them. Two of which are now wearing my clothes."

They thankfully depart. Stevie decides he's going to hitchhike across the country and lose his virginity. Sounds like a plan, kid! Go for it! As Stevie hits the road, Josh gets a phone call. Yay! It's Aidan! Josh and Sally rush off to pick him up at a payphone. He seems a little perturbed at Sally's new bod, but really, who can blame him? Sally opines that he looks like a serial killer from the '70s.

Gotta agree with the girl, Aidan. You look rough, boy.

Sally gleefully explains how it all went down to Aidan, who proceeds to have a minor freak out about Josh, the Witch, and the blood magic. Oh, and then there's the "not a werewolf" thing anymore, too.

Yeah. That's a lot for a buried-in-the-dirt-for-a-year guy to handle, so they decide to go home.

After Aidan gets cleaned up, the crew cuts up in the kitchen while Josh tries to figure out an appropriate reunion menu. Sally nixes this idea and want to go out on the town. Of course, she needs clothes so Nora says she'll show her something from her "slutty punk phase." This leaves the boys alone in the kitchen to recommence the minor freak out. Josh tells him how he searched and searched for Aidan, but was afraid he was dead. Josh offers him some blood, but Aidan's afraid it's been tainted. Sadly, Josh had the flu too, so he's no good as a donor, either. Aidan jumps up to go on the hunt with Josh practically begging to go with him. "There are still some things I don't want you to see." Aidan finally tells him.

Double uh oh! Daddy wolf is at the hospital looking for Nora! Not good. Not good at all. Luckily Nora and Josh are walking through the park. Nora stops him to let him know that she knows he stays outside the storage unit all night while she is wolfed out. She tells him he has to stop. That he doesn't have to save any of them anymore and he needs to live. That is so sweet!

Josh and Sally go out to a bar, where Sally proceeds to get plastered on pomegranate martinis. He confesses that this is the first full moon he has spent out in the world. When Sally presses for what would he do if could do anything at all. After a moment, he says he would ask Nora to marry him. Sally is less than enthusiastic. She is interrupted by Trent, a friend of her brother's who was at her funeral. She blows this off by saying she faked her own death because Danny was a psycho. She completely ignores Josh trying to get her to stop. Remember, she's not supposed to see people from her old life. She's too busy trying to get in Trent's pants to care. Sally's being even dumber than usual.

Luckily by the time they get back to the house, Trent's feeling a little sick. Poor Sally's not getting any action tonight!

Meanwhile, Aidan has found a dark alley with some guy selling "clean" blood. Of course it's a trap and some werewolves jump out and start beating the crap out of him. Fortunately, Henry shows up and saves him. After an almost tearful reunion, Henry takes him home to meet his girlfriend, a human girl named Emma. Henry and Emma present a pretty little picture of perfect domestic bliss. He then tells Aidan that Emma will feed him, just enough to get him back on his feet. She doesn't look exactly thrilled at this news. Hmm. Trouble in paradise? As Henry leaves them alone, Emma starts to freak out.

Turns out that Henry has had her trapped in the apartment for a year. She never got the flu, and he wanted to make sure she didn't so he has been compelling her. Aidan, being the decent guy he usually is, doesn't like this new world order.

Since it is a full moon, Nora is busy locking herself up in her storage unit, when Daddy Wolf shows up. He introduces himself as Liam McLean, Connor and Brynn's father. Nora looks a little worried as Liam proclaims himself unimpressed with her storage unit. He tells her about finding Connor's head and wants to know where Brynn is. Nora claims she doesn't know; she hasn't seen her in over a year. He accuses her of being afraid, so she tells him that she couldn't keep up with Brynn and left. He nods and walks over and closes the door of the storage unit. Daddy's going to let the wolves duke it out and figure out if Nora can be trusted.

Aidan and Sally meet up at the house and commiserate on their miserable evenings. Sally admits that she wanted to run into someone from her old life. Stupid, stupid girl. She does offer Aidan a bite from her arm, but he tells her reanimated blood won't work. They hold hands and share an icky moment.

Oh, please do not let them hook up! Please, I'm begging!

Morning finds Josh sitting in the living room waiting to let Nora out of the storage unit. Sally bounces down the stairs and proclaims herself in need of a large pork filled breakfast, but Josh want to go get Nora and propose. Sally schools him on the extremely bad idea of proposing to a naked woman who just spent the night as a wolf. Hmm. He considers it, but sirens draw them outside.

Oh lookie! It's Trent. Dead. Being loaded on a gurney.

Josh exclaims, "Is this because you zombie screwed him?" Sally, being Sally, denies that this had anything to do with her. Keep living in fantasy land sweetheart.

Meanwhile, Aidan has gone back to Henry's and freed Emma. Henry is slightly pissed and accuses Aidan of being suicidal because of Suren being all dead. He tries to explain to him, that he can't live like they did with Mother. Henry's not buying it and stalks away.

Well, looks like happy endings all the way around! Josh gets to the storage unit to find a gaping hole in the middle of it and blood smeared on the floor. Nora is nowhere to be found.

The next episode of Being Human, "The Teens They Are A Changin'” airs Monday, Jan. 28 at 9 p.m.EST on Syfy