'Being Human' recap: 'Get Outta My Dreams, Get Into My Mouth'

Aidan gets all the girls...and then eats them. Courtesy Syfy

Last week on Being Human, Sally got a job, Aidan found a potential food source, Josh met Nora's family and then lost Erin. My, my. I wonder what trouble they can possibly get into this week!

Guess who's still in town? Liam! This should be fun. He's found himself a little friend and they stake a poor pathetic vampire in an alley. I don't see the point; he was sick already.

Back at home, Josh and Nora are watching Sally inhale some waffles while teasing her about Max, the cutie little funeral director she works for now. Aidan shows up, straight off of his night shift at the hospital. He claims to be too tired to watch Sally eat, and Nora ribs him a bit about being hungry. It seems a little mean-spirited there Nora. He escapes to his basement and proceeds to have a bloody wet dream about Kenny the bubble boy and last season's unfortunate party girls. Only when he wakes up, the two girls are still there when he opens his eyes!

Sally's first day at work is full of fun surprises. She gets a full frontal of an old dead guy and she gets to meet Max's mom. While she quips with Max over the corpse, the corpse's former occupant pops in criticizing Max's technique. When the ghost realizes that Sally can see him, he starts to pester her for help with his will. Sally is not real keen on this and pokes him with a tire iron to make him go away. By the way, I don't really think short shorts are appropriate "I work at a funeral home" attire, Sally.

Back at the house, Aidan is continuing to see his dead former playmates. Apparently, the bloody girls have come back to help Aidan torture himself a little more. I don't think Aidan really needs help in that department, but what do I know?

Today is just a great day at work for everybody! Look out Josh, here comes Nora with Liam. He starts to quiz Josh about the money his son gave him. Josh stammers out that it was for research into their "mutual condition". He obviously has to admit that he killed his maker, since he's not a werewolf anymore. Liam is not particularly approving, but Nora jumps in that Josh did it to save her. With this tidbit, Liam saunters away.

Oh my. Seriously, Sally. Short shorts and boots? Well, it must look okay to Max, because Sally asks him to be her date for a night out with Nick and Zoe and he accepts. As he leaves, his dead mother pops in to look Sally over. She warns Sally that he is a cautious swallower. "What does that even mean?" Sally and I would both like to know. We don't have long to wait to find out. Max's mom tags along to the dinner date and snarks over the entire conversation. This makes it quite difficult for everyone but Max since he's the only one that can't see her. I guess the life of a mortician is not all that lively, poor Max seems to have some trouble in social situations. Sally finally gets Linda to scram and the party gets a little less awkward.

At the hospital, Aidan and Kenny strike up a conversation over The Fog (1979). His little ghostly girls convince him to take some blood from Kenny because he's hungry you know. I don't really see how just a little tube of blood is going to do much, but I'm not dead. As Aidan makes his way home, he is attacked by some werewolves who he easily takes down. Liam watches from the shadows, plotting something I'm sure.

As morning breaks, the day shift nurse hits Kenny up for more blood. After complaining, the wheels start turning in Kenny's little bubble boy head. He starts testing Aidan with sunlight, mirrors, video cameras and crosses. He finally breaks down and accuses Aidan of being a vampire. This earns him a ban from watching scary movies. "Nothing but Rom Coms from now on and next time you can accuse me of being Meg Ryan" Aidan tells him.

So, Max and Sally make out on the funeral parlor couch. Yeah, that really happened. "We did it in the Viewing Room!" Max starts to freak out about how unprofessional that was and dubs her Naughty Sally. This upsets Sally, until Max's mom shows up. Linda proceeds to harangue Naughty Sally for deflowering her son. Yes, Sally stole his flower. Oh my. The next thing Max knows Sally is quitting and telling Max that her curiosity has been satisfied. Poor Max looks crushed. It was Linda of course. She possessed Sally and said those horrible things to her own son. The next morning she wakes Sally up to gloat about it a little. She knocks Sally speechless with her "are you going to tell him his mother was in you right after he was?" Snicker. Nice one Linda!

Liam catches up to Josh and Nora and lets them know that he knows about Aidan. He tells Nora to take care of him, or Liam will take care of her. Oh that Liam is such a sweetheart. Nora starts to seriously freak out about it. Her growing distrust of Aidan has been pretty obvious. Josh is astonished to think that Nora might be considering killing Aidan. He actually stands up for himself and storms out. And when Josh decides to stand up, he really stands up! Josh goes to Liam's hotel room and puts a gun at him! He orders Liam to leave Nora and Aidan alone. Liam sits malevolently in his chair, steeples his fingers a moment and then tells Josh that he should leave “right now”. Josh takes this advice and high tails it out of there.

Back at the funeral home, Sally has acquired herself a soul lock from Zoe to keep Linda the creepy mom from possessing her again. As Sally starts her exorcism, Linda falls to the floor crying that she just wants Max to be happy. Hmm. Is she playing Sally or not?

Josh goes home to tell Nora what happened and she gets all "I never should have let you handle this". Ouch. That's got to sting a little, Josh. Happily, Josh doesn't take this abuse. He stands up to Nora and tells her he knows he's not "special" anymore, but he still has to protect the people that he loves. She seems a little taken aback, but is distracted by Liam knocking at the door. He comes bearing Erin. Apparently Teen Wolf tried to steal his car, so he thought he would give her back to them. Nora rushes Erin off to the kitchen for dinner, while Liam hangs around to talk to Josh. Amazingly, he doesn't kill him right off the bat. Instead, he tells him that he has a full family now and he better take better care of them than Liam did of his. With this wisdom, Liam departs into the night.

Sally has meanwhile convinced Max to meet her. Poor Max agrees to give Sally a second chance on one condition, no more sex in the funeral home. Sally tells him she can't make any promises as Linda smilingly watches. Let's hope this keeps Sally off of Aidan. That was really starting to freak me out.

At the hospital Aidan has made up with Kenny and falls asleep watching a horror movie. He has a nightmare about getting all fancy and killing one of the nurses. Unfortunately when he wakes up Kenny gets a good look at him in all his vampy glory. As Aidan flees the room, his bloody little ghosts cackle in glee.

The next episode of Being Human, "What's Blood Got To Do With It?" airs Monday, Feb. 18 at 9 p.m. ET on Syfy.