'Being Human' recap: 'I'm So Lonesome I Could Die'

Sally & Aidan dance at the dive bar before Aidan dives in
Courtesy Syfy

So last week, Henry died (we presume), Trent died a second and final time, Aidan and Sally have an awkward moment, and Josh and Nora take in an adolescent new werewolf. The house is getting a little crowded, don't you think?

Josh and Nora are woken from a peaceful slumber by the thumping beats of Aidan throwing a party, at 3 a.m. And look! Erin's there too! Drinking a beer, which Josh immediately rips out of her underage hands. When informed that Aidan was okay with it, Josh informs her that when Aidan was her age the beer was safer than water! And just when you might start wondering where Sally is -- because Sally never misses a party -- there she is on the stairs. She does a cursory once over of the crowd checking for people she might know and therefore kill. Not recognizing anyone, the party is ON! Some embarrassing dancing ensues, after which Aidan sits down and looks quite mopey.

As morning breaks, Nora leaves for work admonishing Josh not to clean up after Aidan's kegger. He wholeheartedly agrees. One wonders just how long he waited after she left before he pulled out the vacuum. Said vacuuming apparently wakes Aidan up and he emerges from his basement lair. Josh wastes no time in dumping his emotional insecurities about Nora on him. You see, it's Nora's mom's birthday and Josh wants to meet her folks and "declare his intentions." That is so sweet.

Sally and Erin are sitting on the couch playing cards and discussing Sally's dead/not dead state. Erin pops out with "Sally the Undead Hottie" needs a new identity. Hmm. Wheels are turning in that little fluff head. As night comes around again, Aidan decides to take her to a place where no one will know her, a biker bar.

"This place smells like Hep C." I have to say I agree with you there Sally! Thankfully, we don't have smell-o-vision yet! The best part, the drinks are served in BOWLS! Pretty soon, Sally and Aidan are dancing while Aidan hungrily watches a very large tattooed biker dude. Somebody please tell me Sally and Aidan aren't coupling up. Please!

While Aidan and Sally are cutting the rug, Josh has convinced Nora to let him meet her parents. Unfortunately they had to bring teen wolf, aka Erin, with them. Yeah, Nora's family is a little odd. I mean they still have dial-up Internet! The Horror! Anyway, Mom wasn't expecting so many mouths to feed, so she goes back to the kitchen to whip up a bit more grub. Naturally, Josh follows to help but almost loses it when Nora's Mom starts referring to Will as that "poor boy." Nora practically has to drag him away. She never told her family what Will did to her.

"We don't speak ill of the dead, especially the ones we killed," she admonishes him. Josh assures her that he has accepted what happened, when she tells him that it wasn't just Will. Umm. Oops. Holy crap! Nora killed Brynn! Dude, Liam is going to be pissed! Josh, of course, is wonderful. He tells her that he can't judge her, that he sees her and loves her. All of her. Aww. Josh is so sweet.

Back at the biker bar, Sally finds tattoo guy outside crawling around with a couple of bloody fang marks in his neck. Looks like Aidan's been a bad boy! Paramedics called, she wanders home to confront Aidan on his apparent disregard for his own health. "I rolled the dice," he tells her before he slams the door in her face.

Josh buckles down and confronts/asks Robert, Nora's Dad, for permission to marry her. "Look at the mother," he says. Right. I think it's safe to say that Nora has a craptastic family. As the wolf pack gets back in the car to leave, Erin tells Nora her family is messed up. Ha! That's pretty bad coming from that hot mess.

Aidan awakes to Sally straddling him with a wooden stake to his chest. She's crying of course and Aidan proceeds with his own pity party. He tells her how doing things his way killed Henry. She reminds him of how he wanted to live his life free of vampires.

"You don't think I see the irony in that? I wanted my freedom to live as a better man and I get the Apocalypse!" "I'm alone," he whines.

"You are not alone, but you are being a douchebag," Sally replies. And this is why we love Sally.

So Aidan gets himself cleaned up and takes himself off to the hospital to get his nurse job back. Josh walks by and the warm fuzzy feeling practically radiates right through the television screen I tell you! Meanwhile back at the house, Nora's little brother RJ comes over drunk and kind of lets the wolf out of the bag and outs Josh's proposal plan. Nora seems a little taken aback and leaves to get some coffee to try and sober RJ up. This unfortunately leaves RJ and Erin alone together. Erin, RJ and the beer travel upstairs to Erin's room. Josh gets home in time to hear the giggling and then silence. When he barges through the door, RJ and Erin are on the bed making out. He gets just a little upset and screams at RJ and tries to throw him out, because you know, Erin is only 15. RJ and Josh exchange a few punches when Nora gets home and breaks it up.

Erin of course, claims that it was all Josh's fault, because she's troubled after all. Ack! After a while, Josh end up apologizing outside her door only to find that she has taken off. Talking to Nora about it, she keeps going on about not rushing into things, blah, blah, blah. They have a lot on their plate with Sally, Erin and Aidan to take care of. Obviously she is trying to avoid the proposal, but Josh tells her he thinks they could handle more. He watches forlornly as Nora walks away.

Sally has meanwhile managed to get caught at the funeral home looking for a dead babies identity to assume. She starts laying on a Sleeping With The Enemy story and at least succeeds in getting a job, if not a new identity. Speaking of jobs, Aidan has got his nurse job back. He's on night duty and as his supervisor is showing him around, he spies Kenny. Kenny is a bubble boy. He's been living in a sterile hospital environment his whole life, so can you say dinner?

The next episode of Being Human, "Get Outta My Dreams, Get Into My Mouth" airs Monday Feb. 11 at 9 p.m. ET on Syfy.