'Being Human' recap: 'What's Blood Got to Do With It'

Sally's bro Robby (and Meaghan Rath's real-life bro, Jesse)
Courtesy Syfy

Last week of Being Human left us with Josh being the head of his family, Aidan vamping out in front of Kenny, and Sally fighting with her boyfriend's dead mother. Any theories before we get started? How do you think Bubble Boy is going to handle Aidan's vampireness? And what sneakiness is Liam up to, anyway? Gather round folks!

Well, this is quaint. Sally and Max are making out over French toast in the kitchen. Josh interrupts with an admonishment to not burn the house down. Aidan enters the kitchen whining about how long Erin has been in the bathroom. This is in turn interrupted by Sally wanting all of them to try Max's orange-zest-filled French toast.

Ah, the fake smile plastered on Aidan's face is priceless. This is just like my house, except for the making out part ... Ding Dong, the doorbell rings and Sally prances out of the kitchen in her underwear to answer the door. Max wonders aloud how she got so cute.

"Black magic" Josh mutters.

Guys, you will never believe who is at the door! It's Robby, Sally's little brother. Well, isn't this quite the pickle? Operation Sally Freaks Out is in full swing. Aidan and Josh try to handle it, but it turns out Robby is the new landlord. He would really like payment in cash, thanks. In the midst of Sally's freak out, she sort of kicks Max out so she can talk about it with the guys. I think the funeral director's feelings are hurt.

Aidan has spent several days away from the hospital, because, y'know, Kenny saw him all vamped out. With a lot of prodding by mama Josh, he finally returns to work. Kenny however doesn't buy the jury duty story Aidan tries to lay down. Nobody said the kid was stupid.

So, the gang's big plan to avoid Robby is for Josh to stay home and fix the place up himself. As he gets started, he hears a noise in Aidan's dungeon and has to pick his way across Erin's trash in the living room to get to the stairs. Well, well. Guess who's in the basement? It's Erin! She tries to blow Josh off and claims she is just looking for a place to "change" next time. Josh bites and tells her he will just get her a storage unit like Nora's. Erin makes her lack of enthusiasm for this plan known. At this point Josh starts ranting about respecting him and picking up after herself. He then catches himself mid-rant realizing he has know turned into his mother.

Sally finally makes it to work and tries to make nice with Max. He is jealous of Sally's relationship with Aidan and Josh. He's also tired of not being able to go out to dinner because she's afraid of running into people that she knows. He probably just wants to show some people that he's not a 28-year-old virgin anymore. Googly eyes are thrown both ways and I might be nauseated.

Kenny finally badgers Aidan into admitting that he's 260 years-old. He wants Aidan to stand by the window just one more time so he can see if he sparkles. I like this kid. Inevitably, he ask Aidan how he became a vampire. "I didn't have a choice" he says. This of course launches us into a flashback. Back in the days of yore, Aidan was just a poor dirty (but still very pale) soldier fighting the good fight in some woods. He caught an equally grubby Bishop eating his soldiers. Bishop being the good guy that he is, offers to spare his men if Aidan becomes a vampire. So, voila, Aidan had no choice. As expected, Kenny wants Aidan to turn him into a vampire too. Apparently the kid missed the part about why Aidan is bleeding him anyway. Hello, virus...

After convincing Max to let her stay at his place, Sally is making a clothes run. Only she runs into Robby outside the house. He appears to be sleeping in his car. She immediately freaks out and drags Josh to go see the Wicked Witch of the Soup Kitchen. Unsurprisingly, this confrontation doesn't go so well. When Sally threatens her, good 'ol Donna uses some of her special magic dust to kick her ass. Basically, it boils down to she can save Robby and make it so that seeing Sally won't kill people she used to know. The itsy bitsy catch is that Sally has to give Donna her soul. Donna's not all bad though, Sally gets to live out her natural life first. Josh is against this plan, but Sally insists. and just like that Sally sold her soul at a soup kitchen.

So Sally meets up with Robby. He doesn't really seem terribly concerned with the fact that she was, oh, DEAD. Whatever, he's going to Florida anyway. Sally gives him her last $60 and sends him on his way.

With a new day dawning, Josh gets home and finds that Erin has cleaned up her mess and is sleeping contentedly on the couch. With a big goofy smile he heads out to the grocery to buy her some canned whip cream as a reward for being a decent almost human being. As the door closes though, Teen Wolf opens her eyes and jumps up off the couch. We are treated to a little flashback of Liam telling her she is part of the pack now, just like Nora. By the way, where has Nora been? Anyway, Liam tells her to spy on Aidan, learn his schedule, find his blood supply and poison it with her wolf blood. She has just finished tampering with the blood when Aidan gets home. Liam is already on his way, but as Aidan collapses, gasping on the floor, he looks up to see Erin standing over him with a sharpened chair leg ready to do the deed herself. What will Josh do when he sees this mess?

The next episode of Being Human, :One Is Silver and the Other Pagan," airs Mon. Feb. 25 at 9 p.m. ET on Syfy.