Josh Gates' 'Stranded' to premiere Feb. 27

Star Island, NH
What happens when Paranormal Activity meets reality-TV paranormal investigators)? It just might be Stranded, the new Syfy show premiering Feb. 27 at 9 p.m. (which has traditionally been the timeslot for Ghost Hunters, since moved to 8 p.m.).

According to a Syfy release, Stranded uses a "stripped-down first-person method to document an unconventional – and terrifying – paranormal and psychological experiment in which participants are stranded at haunted location for a week and must record the entire experience themselves."

Jason Blum, producer of the Paranormal Activity movie franchise, Insidious and Sinister, serves as an executive producer; as does Josh Gates, the host and co-executive producer of Syfy’s popular series Destination Truth.

The six-episode season will included self-recorded footage of a diverse group of paranormal enthusiasts. "The footage from the subjects’ cameras is supplemented by strategically-placed security cameras at each location," says Syfy, "creating a suspenseful, completely unscripted first-hand account of each group’s stay."

"Over the course of the confinement, the subjects contend with increasingly pervasive feelings of fear and desolation, resulting in an experiment that represents a unique combination of psychology and the paranormal."

The first location for the hour-long show will be Star Island, N.H., but will also include Seaview Terrace in Newport, Rhode Island, and the West Virginia State Penitentiary in Moundsville, West Virginia.

Also, here's a fun fact: The show is the same that asked us to help them find contestants last fall. So if you pursued that, this is what might become of that.

-Aaron Sagers