'Face Off' recap: 'Eye Candy'

Alex's creation led to elimination.


The 11 remaining contestants competed in two challenges in this sweet episode of Face Off. The show began with an immunity-giving Foundation Challenge. The challenge took place in the Federal Bar, a Los Angeles landmark built in 1926; the founder and president of the Los Angeles Beard and Mustache Club judged the artists on a "Bearded Lady" design.

The contestants had two hours to transform their models into a bearded lady from the circus. Application of the hair to the face was key and had Eric F. worried. Alex did a modern version with a bleached and pink beard, and Jenna did a cool "Irish Burlesque" lady. Despite Eric Z. being concerned about his maybe-too-conservative creation, he was deemed the winner and therefore, granted immunity. They all looked pretty awesome ... do you agree?

Spotlight Challenge

Day One
When the contestants entered the lab, they found a whimsical section filled with enough candy to make Willy Wonka jealous. Their challenge was to create a character who overindulged and fused with the treats. The candy from the lab must be incorporated into the creation.

Some really cool ideas flowed tonight. Kris made a "Knight of the Living Candy" Halloween-themed creature. Four-time challenge winner, Anthony’s design was "Colonel Candy" with a really intricate cotton candy wig. Eric Z. made a Hansel and Gretel witch with a gingerbread house coming from his back. House’s design turned out to be quite memorable and had a gluttonous mouth on its stomach.

Michael Westmore did his walk-through and helped Autumn fix her Gummy Bear’s nose and encouraged House to be careful with his time. Despite his ambitious creature, House was feeling pretty confident.

Day Two
Lots of struggles and second-guessing emerged on the 10-hour second day of the challenge. Anthony’s wig piece was taking a lot of time. Alex tried using silicone despite having no experience using the product. Jenna’s mold did not turn out how she wanted and when the mannequin fell apart, she had to start fresh. This coupled with her hand still being numb, made for another week of struggles for the red-head.

Eric. F.’s fat suit mold turned out to weigh 250 lbs. and he had lots of work to finish up. Kris pre-painted his piece and started to glue the candy on before it was done.

Day Three
Application Day provides the artists with four hours to finish up their work and one hour for Last Looks. The artists struggling the most were Autumn (pink-afro gummy bear), Alex (pageant princess gone bad), and Jenna (tooth fairy). After the reveal to the judges, they were the ones who ended up being the bottom looks.

Tonight’s guest judge was art director, Will Cotton, who has collaborated with Katy Perry of some of her wild designs. He said they creations were "demonic but incredible."

The artists who ended up being safe were: Immune Eric Z. for his Hansel and Gretel witch; Meagan for her Sugar Plum Fairy creation; Anthony’s Colonel Candy (the streak is broken!); Wayne’s rock candy troll; and Eric F.’s globby, gooey, gummy, glutton.

Top looks tonight were: Alam’s pretty, anime-inspired Princess of the Candy World; Kris’s Knight of Halloween with awesome details; and, House’s bold concept with the large, gross mouth on the belly. The winner ultimately was Kris for his zombie/demon candy thief who preys of children during their Halloween revelries.

Unfortunately, tonight’s eliminated contestant was Alex for her pageant princess with the major technical issues and "appalling" make-up and silicone piece application. She vowed that it wasn’t the last we’d see of her but was grateful for the experience.

Are you happy with tonight’s choices? What do you think about Kris breaking Anthony’s winning streak? Any favorites to win the whole competition?

At the very end, viewers learned of a "redemption" competition online where the eliminated contestants compete for a chance to be on next season. Who do you think deserves a second chance?

Next week’s competition is to create a two-headed giant character based on an ancient fable. Bryan Singer (Jack The Giant Slayer, X-Men) guest judges. Check it out next Tuesday on Syfy, 9 p.m. ET.