Lance Henriksen on returning as 'Aliens' Bishop, comics, real alien encounters

Henriksen, courtesy Not Bad For A Human
Whether you know him from Aliens, Millennium, The Terminator, Pumpkinhead or numerous other movies, you know Lance Henriksen. The intense actor with a grave voice is a genre favorite, and he's back with a new comic book from Dark Horse Comics, and is again portraying the android Bishop in the new video game Aliens: Colonial Marines, which picks up after 1986's Aliens.

The game itself, which was released last week and the reviews have not been kind for the first-person shooter supposed to fit within Alien canon. But the return of Henriksen as a video game version of himself is something nerds need to behold. It's like the man who played the machine is now back in the machine.

And even if the game isn't faring well, Henriksen is also the creative voice behind To Hell You Ride, a horror comic miniseries about a curse in a small town that involves Native American burial grounds and a group of warrior's quest for revenge. Written with Joseph Maddrey (who also co-wrote the actor's biography Not Bad for a Human), Henriksen's nonlinear plot is captivating, disturbing and just simply kick-ass storytelling with excellent art by Tom Mandrake.

Henriksen joined me a couple months back at New York Comic-Con to discuss his return to Bishop and his work on the comic, but he also revealed thoughts about the Mayan 2012 predictions (which we know how that turned out); what has attracted him to so many supernatural roles; whether actors will be replaced by video games images or androids; and he even tell a bizarre story about his own real encounter with an alien.

Check out the video below after the jump...

-Aaron Sagers