'The Walking Dead' recap: 'The Suicide King'

Looks like them Dixon boys are at it again, courtesy AMC

Such a long time had passed since the last episode I had nearly forgotten what was going on. Some bells started ringing when I saw Daryl and Merle in the ring and the Governor wearing his bloody eye patch. So if you’ve entirely forgotten what is going on, Rick and the gang were on a mission to save Maggie and Glenn, and Daryl ended up in the middle of the situation that is currently going on. The Governor still seems pretty bitter about losing his eye, the death of his zombie daughter, and that whole Rick thing, so he’s taking it out on the Dixon brothers.

In his bad-guy way, he determines that the only way that Merle can prove himself to the Woodburians, err Woodburyites, um, people from Woodbury, is to get the guys to fight to the death.

I know I personally enjoy a good fight with a couple of zombies thrown in. So, Rick intervenes, of course, and they take out a few people and zombies. They all escape. Hooray! Apparently their escape is going to allow a few zombies to infiltrate Woodbury. Oh, no!

He is the perennial prince. No one likes him ... ever. Glenn rightfully gets pretty pissed when Merle walks up. No one was aware that Andrea was even in Woodbury until Merle informs them that the Governor was giving her wood. Translation: They’re banging on the reg. Rick didn’t know that Andrea and Michonne were ever acquainted until Merle let the cat out of the bag. I’m fairly sure that he is implying that they were lesbian lovers. Then again, I can’t tell what he’s ever implying since his tone of voice makes everything sound perverted.

Sometimes you just have to knock someone out to make them shut the eff up.

Meanwhile, back at the prison ...

Occasionally, I lose track of the time frame on the show. It seems like a million years since Lori "died," but the baby is only a week old according to Hershel.

Tyreese informs Hershel of the shitty state of affairs outside of the prison. Didn’t we already know that? Tyreese lets Hershel know that they are the only decent people that Tyreese and his gang have come across in all of this time. To be honest with you guys, I have no concept of how long it's supposed to be. I am guessing somewhere around the nine month marker. Hershel seems to think that they are decent, but he’s not taking his chances until his boy Rick comes back and tells them what to do.

I guess Hershel has good reason to be skeptical. Allen alerts Ty of his plan to take over the camp at the prison before Rick returns. Ty isn’t having any of that and puts the kibosh on his plans. Old sketchy Allen.

Hershel eventually goes at bat for Ty, Allen, Ben, and Sasha, but who knows if Rick will ever go for that idea.

The group unanimously decides that they don’t want Merle at their camp (for obvious reasons), and Daryl decides to go out with him on their own. Blood is thicker than water. Blood is also thicker than your former zombie-fighting faux family. Bye guys! I wonder when they’ll meet up again. I also wonder how Carol is going to handle the loss of her near-lover. Poor Carol.

He’s got some aggression issues since his beat down and Maggie’s close encounter with Guv. He’s pissed that Rick didn’t take more action. I see Glenn’s mouth moving and hear words coming out, but I can only focus on the zombies closing in on them from the woods.

She’s gotten herself neck deep in the politics of Woodbury. Meanwhile, things are turning VERY ugly there. In all of their naivety they’ve lost sight of what’s really going on out in the real world. Zombies have entered Woodbury and started snacking on its residents. Everyone expects help when a guy gets bitten, but the only solace they get is that their psycho Governor goes and shoots him in the head. Well, in his defense, that’s REALLY the only thing that could be done.

Imagine her chagrin when she found out that everyone is still alive. There’s no deeper regret than finding out that the guy you’ve been boning is a psychotic liar. (Not that I would know anything about that.)

Sinking my teeth in:

  • Carol is visibly heartbroken that Daryl did not return with Rick, Glenn, and Maggie.
  • Anyone else notice how dexterous Hershel is on those crutches? Damn, son! I’m renaming him Hop-along Cassidy!
  • Rick is continually losing his mind. I think homeboy could really benefit from a nap.
  • By the way, hey there, ghost Lori. Nice to see you, but bad timing for Tyreese you decided to show when you did.
  • The Governor has really good hearing if he could hear Andrea’s pep-talk to the townspeople from his apartment window.
  • I think Beth is going to try to get Rick to knock her up. She acts like she has a crush on him (not like there’s anyone else around for her to bang), and she mentioned to Carol that she always wanted a baby. Uh-huh.