'Walking Dead' Season 3 limited edition case revealed

courtesy MTV
If you were wondering how the folks at AMC and Anchor Bay (along with the craftsmanship of McFarlane Toys) would outdo themselves from Walking Dead's Season 2 Limited Edition Zombie Head case, you got your answer from Toy Fair and MTV Geek ...

It's the Governor's head-quarium.

Apparently crafted before they even knew what the Governor or anything would like, those talented devils at McFarlane Toys designed his now-infamous 'heads in fish tanks display.' We can’t express enough how amazing this looks or how awesome this case is. McFarlane and crew explain the whole modeling process in an interview the below and note that they added a nifty light-up feature to it. Now you can throw away those boring nightlights and let this piece of art illuminate your room. There is no release date or price as of yet, but you can bet that once this thing becomes available for pre-order, it will sell out fast!

-Andrew Peters

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