'Amityville' doc worth a viewing

If you’re a fan of the paranormal, or even if you’re not, you’ve probably seen at least one of the films made about the infamous Amityville horror house. You have also probably heard about the controversy that surrounds the case, which includes whether the Lutz family who reported the hauntings were telling the truth.

A new documentary from IFC films, released March 15, titled My Amityville Horror allows one of the surviving residents to tell his story. Daniel Lutz was only 10-years-old when his family lived in the home in 1974 for a mere 28 days, but he has some memories that just won’t "get out." He's convinced he was a "victim of evil" and is desperate for his experiences to be believed.

According the The Huffington Post, "Lutz recalls his time at the house, which apparently included seeing hundreds upon hundreds of flies, slamming doors and other very dark occurrences."

He is also described as being very reluctant to talk about his experiences and was certain he was possessed. The movie also explores the truth versus hoax debate, and includes insights from paranormal "expert" Lorraine Warren, and a session with a psychologist.

If you’ve ever had your doubts about this controversial case, we recommend checking out the trailer embedded below. The documentary is currently in select theaters and on Cable VOD.

My Amityville Horror - Official Trailer from Eric Walter on Vimeo.