'Grimm' recap: 'Mr. Sandman'

Don't get bugged out by this... courtesy NBC

Opening Quote: "Now we've got eyes -- eyes -- a beautiful pair of children's eyes," he whispered.

Mr. Sandman cheerily plays in the background as a man drives up to a church in an old red Cadillac. He frantically guzzles a few pills down before going inside. His name is Andre and he's from South Africa. He looks to have joined a grief counseling group and walks in as Molly is telling her story.

Andre claims that his wife died of bone cancer. This, apparently, is a great way to pick up chicks. He and Molly strike up a conversation and he offers to give her a ride home so they can talk some more. Back at Molly's place, they are drinking some coffee and Molly is crying again. As she apologizes, Andre creepily tells her he wants her to cry. Suddenly he blows some red stuff into her face. She immediately begins screaming that it stings. As tears stream down her face, Andre turns into a buggy looking critter and starts licking them up. Having gotten what he came for, he turns normal again and leaves. Unfortunately for Molly, she is now blind and accidentally pulls a bookcase down on herself while screaming for help.

At Monroe's place, the Grimmsters are having dinner and discussing Renard's parentage. They rightly conclude that he is not fully accepted into his royal family. They go on to theorize that he is trying to get Nick on his side to gain power. At this point, Rosalee, Hank and Nick are all ready for more wine.

Looks like Molly didn't survive her run-in with the bookshelf. Hank and Nick arrive to be detailed by the incomparable Sgt. Wu.

"We thinkin' a homicide or just a bookicide?" Wu asks. Despite the bruising to her face, Nick thinks there is something wrong with her eyes. They leave Molly's place and take the investigation to her grief support meeting. They briefly interview the group leader, who doesn't know much except Andre's name and his accent. But luckily for us, the M.E. calls with news and the boys rush off.

We take a quick sojourn to Vienna, where Adalind is awaiting a guest. An old woman comes to her door and they proceed to have tea. The woman knew Adalind's mother and is soon reveled to us as another hexenbeist. She can also tell that Adalind has lost her powers. With a little further prompting, Adalind reveals that she is pregnant with a big grin on her face.

"Who is the unlucky father?" the old woman asks.

Well, Adalind doesn't even know. She tells the woman it could be either Renard or his brother. At this the woman seems quite impressed. She wonders aloud if Adalind is aware how much this child will be worth. That is precisely why Adalind asked her to come over. Hexenbeist are such lovely creatures aren't they?

Back in the good ol' USA, Andre is hitting up another grief support meeting after popping more of his pills. Nick and Hank are learning that Molly died when her windpipe was crushed by the bookshelf. But the cool thing, of course, is her eyes. She appears to have been afflicted with River Blindness. There is a sand like substance in her eyes that is full of parasitic nematodes, microscopic wormy things. Only instead of the typical mode of infection through being bit by a black fly, Molly eyes appear to have been directly infected.

So, Andre apparently spits parasitic nematodes that come to life in the tears of his victims. He's cute and all, but I think I'll skip that date.

Andre is interrupted with Kelly, victim number two, when her sister shows up. While Casey doesn't get a look at Andre, she does see his distinctive car peeling away.

Juliette is still hearing and seeing things, by the way. She finally decides to do something practical, and goes to Rosalee for help. They decide that Rosalee should go home with her. At the house, Juliette starts explaining all about the pit in the floor, hearing things, and seeing these ghost-like things. During this conversation, Juliette starts hearing something again. It's the ghost that she saw in the living room, it suddenly runs upstairs and she frantically follows it. When Rosalee tells her that she can't see any of this, Juliette is afraid that she is losing her mind. Rosalee tries to comfort her, and tells her that she isn't. Doesn't it seem most plausible that its just things from her broken memory coming back?

Uh oh, it looks like Juliette isn't the only one having problems. Renard is having a dream that he wakes up in bed to find Juliette with him. Then she turns into a hexenbeist. Do you think his brain is just a little addled, or is this what happens to guys who impregnate Adalind?

Monroe and Nick are doing some research at Aunt Marie's Trailer, when Hank shows up with coffee. Looks like they have found their monster. The Jinnamuru Xunte preys on the innocent and drinks their tears like an opium addict. After Nick's ancestor killed it, he cut out its brain and found it to be crawling with vile red worms. The monster also likes to continue to visit the families of his victims to feed on their tears. They head off to visit Kelly in the hospital. Since she didn't die, the parasites are continuing to grow. While they are talking to her sister, the girl starts screaming and rips off the bandages around her eyes and they see the worms sticking out waving around in the air. Gross.

They are thankfully saved from this sight by a call from Sgt. Wu; he's found Andre's car outside another grief support meeting. As Andre emerges from the meeting with another potential victim, he sees them and runs. Nick chases him back into the building and corners him one of the rooms. Unfortunately, he gets too close and Andre spits the red stuff in his eyes and escapes out the window. As the rest of the team chase after Andre, Hank insists they need to take Nick to the hospital. Nick says no to this, and tells Hank to call Monroe. Rosalee and Monroe are anxiously waiting for Nick and Hank to arrive at The Spice Shop. Ick.

These worms have little barbs that hook into the eyes making them impossible to washout. One little side effect is that Nick's hearing has suddenly jumped into the stratosphere. After further research they are disgusted to find that the cure requires them removing one of Andre's eyes. With a spoon. And he has to be alive and in full Wesen form. Hank gets a call from Wu and finds out that Andre carjacked some guy and left the car not far from Kelly's house. Nick is certain that he will go after Casey, Kelly's sister. So the team packs everything up and heads out.

Kelly's sister has arrived home and as she is cleaning up the mess, she starts to cry. Fortunately, Andre is there to make good use of her tears, but he didn't count on her being a smart girl. When he attacks her she immediately covers her eyes and manages to protect them from his red spit of worms. Hank and Monroe head in looking for Andre and are quickly met by Casey's screams. As Hank kicks the door in, bug guy flees. But Nick with his new super hearing heads into the house despite his blindness. While the others are searching the backyard for Andre, Nick is fumbling his way upstairs where he finds him of course. Even blind, Nick manages to subdue the bug man and they scoop out his eye and mash it up. This lovely concoction is then put on Nick's eyes. While the Grimmster's are busy with this, Andre takes off down the stairs. I am happy to report that Casey stabs him with a kitchen knife.

Sometime later we see Nick being all Luke Skywalker. He is blindfolded in a field hitting fruits and vegetables that Monroe is throwing at him. He apparently hits every single one. I guess he gets to keep the super hearing.

Back on the homefront, Juliette is sitting on the couch reading when she sees her ghost again. She yells at it that she's had enough and it magically clarifies into a ghostly image of Nick shining a flashlight. Ta da!

The next episode of Grimm, "Nameless," airs on Friday March 29 at 9 p.m. ET on NBC.