'Being Human' recap: 'If I Only Had Raw Brain'

Zombie Sally preps to take a bite out of...Aidan.
Courtesy Syfy

In typical Being Human fashion, last week left us kind of down. Aidan had unknowingly killed Kat's ex, Josh and Sally bury Nick (and kill Stevie - again), and our new friend Pete the Hippie Werewolf is attacked by vampires. I've been dying all week to know if Pete survives!

We open this week with Josh and Aidan having a heated discussion in the hospital stairwell. Damn! Pete died at the hands of those bloodsucking fiends. He had such potential to be a fun recurring character. To his credit, Aidan is upset by this and wants to know the names of the vampires responsible.

Sadly, Josh wasn't really in a position for introductions. He goes on to accuse Aidan of picking sides before wandering off. Having pissed off his only friend, Aidan goes to visit Kenny in his bubble room. Kenny is not having the best day either. He just found out that they've found a bone marrow donor for him. This should make him happy, but we all know he has his heart set on becoming a vampire. He pouts and accuses Aidan of trying to back out on their deal.

Aidan tries to reason with Kenny, but the kid has his mind set that he's leaving no matter what. Faced with this insurmountable logic, Aidan opens up the bubble door and takes him to the park to roll around in the grass with some random dog. Kenny is ridiculously happy and wants to spend one day as a normal human boy before he becomes a "lord of the night." As they chummily leave the park, they are watched by a man in a hoody and some pointy black boots very reminiscent of Henry. Could it be that he's not dead?

Back at the house, Sally is begging Josh and Nora to lock her up to keep her from attacking them. She gives them a tearful speech of all the things she wanted to say and do at their wedding. Aww. It was really sweet. I think that was one of Sally's best moments. This very touching moment is interrupted by Aidan's arrival with Kenny. Clearly he wasn't planning on anyone being home.

Josh and Nora are not as enthusiastic about this new plan as Kenny or even Aidan. Josh even reminds Aidan that they don't have the best track record with wayward teens. Poor Erin and Stevie. Shockingly, Nora is the one who decides that they have to let Aidan help Kenny. She decides that if their curse can help someone then they need to use it. This leads Josh to decide that they need to kill Donna the Wicked Witch of the Soup Kitchen, to save Sally's soul even if they can't save her life. Except for one small problem: the soup kitchen is completely gone.

In the face of this huge setback, Nora decides that they need to get married right away so Sally can be there before she dies. As they run to tell her the good news, they find that Sally has disappeared. She has gone to pay Max a visit. She briefly sums up her new dietary problems. She is just a little bit manic and seems to be flashing a lot of teeth. Anyway, she is trying to hit him up for a bite of an old lady that died that morning. In the course of all this, she blurts out that she loves him. Some tears flow, but Max is still reluctant to let her eat his clients.

Josh and Nora are cuddled on the couch listening to Kenny describe his "human bucket list" when Emily pops in and drags all the menfolk out for a boobage filled bachelor party. Kenny is properly impressed by the strip club, especially as he's never actually been close to a girl before. Josh is spending his time trying to convince Aidan that Kenny even looks like Henry.

As this argument starts to get a little angry, Emily interrupts by buying her brother a lap dance with Sexy Sadie. As Sadie leads Josh away, Aidan catches a brief glimpse of the hooded man from the park. Ah, it doesn't look like Henry and suddenly he vanishes. Inside the booth, Sadie gets to work on Josh and then suddenly catches a whiff of him and vamps out trying to bite him. Luckily, Aidan stakes her in the back and she disintegrates into dust.

Emily sees it all and hears Aidan call Josh a werewolf. Emily proceeds to freak out. It must run in the family. Unfortunately, while Emily appears to believe him, she is hung up on Aidan killing Sadie and storms away. The gang heads home and Aidan tells Kenny that it's time. Wonder of wonders, Kenny looks to be having second thoughts. Aidan reassures him that he will take care of him and Kenny decides he's ready. At this point Aidan puts on his vampire face, only it's still so very sad.

Sometime later, Sally tries to get Aidan to promise to kill her. Seriously, she does not look good. In an awkward and gross scene, Aidan lifts up his shirt and tells Sally to eat him. Really! And she did. This little bite of flesh apparently gave her enough stability to pay Ilana the psychic a visit. The woman is reluctant to get involved, but Sally tells her about the identical doors. The only logical conclusion is that the doors lead to Donna. They concoct a plan for Sally to fight Donna when she finally dies and has to go through that door. Part of this plan is for her to clear up her baggage, so she pays Max a visit to say goodbye. She and Max share a sweet moment.

Aidan continues to spy his stalker and finally confronts him. The man's face is misshapen, but as Aidan stakes him he sees that it is Kat's ex. So, not only did Aidan kill Jeff, but he turned him to. But what was wrong with the guy and why? He goes home to stare worriedly at Kenny lying on the bed.

Over at Ilana's place, she is awakened by an intruder. It's Ray! He demands to know what she told Sally. As Ilana is demanding that Donna leave Sally alone he snaps her neck and walks away.

So, at least we sort of know what Donna did with Ray. Of course, it can't possibly end well. The good news is that we don't have long to wait! We've only got two episodes left this season people!

The next episode of Being Human, "Always A Bridesmaid, Never Alive" airs Monday April 1 at 9 p.m. ET on Syfy.