Chris Carter will 'executive produce' 'X-Files' comic

Courtesy CBR, IDW
Remember that X-Files comic we reported on in January? Well, if you wanted to believe in it, now you have a little more to be excited about because creator Chris Carter will be executive producing the book as a Season 10 continuation of the show when it hits shelves this June.

As covered in Comic Book Resources, the news came out of Emerald City Comic Con that the IDW book would be written by Joe Harris (BPRD, Vampirella and even Creepy) with Michael Walsh handling the art. And Harris added that Carter would be "personally reading outlines and scripts, providing feedback and suggestions."

Harris also reveals the book opens some time after the (forgettable) 2008 I Want To Believe movie sequel. The initial story arc involves a "pretty deadly mystery that's connected to the now-shuttered X-Files division" and someone who wants to bump off all who were involved with it. The writer said he hopes to bring the vibe of the show -- which had its finale in 2002 into the modern era of WikiLeaks, drone warfare and the Patriot Act.

As for Mulder and Scully, yup, they're still together. But their relationship is complex, said Harris.

Personally, I think this is a great idea to keep the show alive for X-philes. A movie is possible; David Duchovny recently told Jay Leno that he'd be Mulder for the rest of his life, and that he, Carter and Gillian Anderson are "always on board" for a sequel 20th Century Fox wants it.

But the great part of a comic continuation of the series is that comic books aren't limited by budgets, actor's schedules or studio rewrites. And the writers working in comics often-times craft far better stories than some movie screenwriters. Let's face it, Ghostbusters is probably doing far more to preserve the Ghostbusters legacy than a third movie would.

So I'll be "tuning in" to read an X-Files Season 10 -- if for no other reason, just so I can see how a coupled-up Scully can put up with Fox's incessant sunflower seed and porn habit.

-Aaron Sagers