'The Walking Dead' recap: 'Prey'

Andrea is having a really bad day. Courtesy AMC

I get really confused when they have a flashback. This episode opens with a flashback of Andrea and Michonne from their bout out in the woods. Michonne sheds some tears which is not something that we have seen before. She said that her headless pets got what they deserved because they weren’t human to begin with. Well, I’m guessing that they weren’t best pals then.

What in the hell is the Governor up to? It’s never anything good. The items laid out on the table freak me out. Are we doing a dental or a gyno exam?

The Governor has Milton, his minion, assimilating his troops. Andrea is always being nosy, so she intervenes to see what’s going on. Meanwhile as she meddles, Martinez takes away all of her weapons except for her trusty knife.

The Governor is still holding a grudge about his zombiefied daughter being killed. Milton tells Andrea about the deal being off of the table, so I wonder how she’s going to stick her nose into their business. She wanted to shoot the Governor, but of course Milton didn’t let her do it. She should have bitten the bullet and ended this mess. Oh! Zing.

Ty and Sasha didn’t want to let Andrea leave, but of course she’s feral, so she got out. Ty made a good decision to let her slip away when she pulled a knife on them. They were worried that the Governor would take it out on them, but evidently he’s not doing anything about it ... yet. He did decide that he would go and get her on his own. Milton let the Governor know that he knew Andrea was leaving. Well, that can’t be good for him.

Those dead folks are strong. Of course Andrea gets attacked when she cuts across the woods as she’s trying to get away from Woodbury and get to the prison. She prevails and stabs some walkers in the head since she relinquished her gun to Martinez.

Ty has an altercation with the other guy from his group and almost throws him in a pit full of walkers. Of course, Ty has amazing self restraint and stops himself from hurling him in.

The Governor tries to trek down Andrea, but she manages to get away a few times. Her solution to getting away from him? Going into a darkened building that is probably filled with gruesome zombies. I guess I’d rather take my chances with zombies rather than the Governor too. I was right about it being filled with zombies.

There’s some cat and mouse in there. Fast forward a few minutes and Andrea unleashes a bunch of walkers on the Governor. Sorry, but not really sorry there.

Someone goes and catches fire to the Woodbury walkers. Is it Ty or Milton? Ty plays dumb about it, and Milton acts like he knows what’s up when he talks to the Governor. Of course it is Milton.

Oh snap, Andrea, you’re so close to the Prison that you can smell Rick’s B.O. Just like any good villain, the Governor tackles her and takes her down before she gets there. Rick sees something going on at the edge of the prison, but remember he’s coo-coo and sees dead people. Plus there’s a lot of dead people roving around over there. It could have been anyone’s mistake. She really should have stolen his truck when she had the opportunity.

The Governor is a compulsive liar. And his patch is textured like a piece of tire track.

Guess who is getting a dental check-up/gynecological exam? It’s Andrea.

Sinking my teeth in:

  • When is Ty going to see the light when it comes to Woodbury? It seems like he is staring to question their highly suspect practices.
  • I wonder if the Governor really thinks that Ty torched the pit walkers or if he is questioning Milton.
  • Speaking of Milton, is he going rogue?
  • How long before they kill off Martinez? He gets on my nerves.
  • My assumption is that the Governor is using Andrea to get back at Michonne. It could be the flashback that tipped me off.
  • By the way, that was totally a speculum in the Guv's torture kit.