'Walking Dead' actor joins CBS cop drama, which means...?

Milton, your days of creeping on amputees is up.
Courtesy AMC
Do we have a clue as to an upcoming death on The Walking Dead? We think so, and it might be Milton.

Based on Sunday night’s episode, the nerdy right-hand "advisor" to the Governor is skating on thin ice.

The sadistic Governor is already none-too-pleased with Milton’s behavior, so the fact that we’ve just learned that Milton actor Dallas Roberts has joined CBS drama Unforgettable may be a clue that his days in Woodbury are coming to an end.

Unforgettable is a cop drama that CBS has decided to, um, re-naimate, and will enjoy a 13-episode run this summer. Roberts will play an NYPD detective, which is just another way to "collect data."

So do you think Milton’s days are numbered? Will he be a victim of Phillip’s torture chamber? Governor Phil could have easily taken him out in Sunday’s episode, so maybe he has bigger and more horrific plans for Milton?

-Larissa Mrykalo