'World War Z' buzz hits 'Entertainment Weekly'

After releasing the official trailer on Monday, it’s clear that Paramount Studios is hell-bent on getting the word out on what’s being called the most expensive zombie movie ever made.

In the April 5 edition of Entertainment Weekly (on stands now) the long, expensive road to bringing this film to fruition is addressed. It is finally slated to be released this June 21 but it has taken six long years from start to the finished product to adapt the movie based on Max Brooks' oral history of the zombie apocalypse. The film cost $170 million to make and chances are good, with our hunger for all things zombie, they’ll make that money back. Then again moviegoers are fickle, and nothing is guaranteed.

In the EW article, the star and one of the producers, Brad Pitt, talks about some of the pitfalls and cut scenes: "At the time I was really interested in a more political film," says Pitt of the cut Budapest scenes.

"[But] we got bogged down in it; it was too much to explain. It gutted the fun of what these films are meant to be."

Pitt also commented on the change in the usual lumbering zombies to rapid-fire monsters, by saying they wanted to do things differently this time. Are you happy about seeing fast, swarming zombies?

Expect to see much more on World War Z in the next couple of months.

-Larissa Mrykalo