'Justice League Dark' intros new villain, guest stars Flash, Swamp Thing

A glimpse at the new issue, and at Swampy's big ol' mouth.
Courtesy DC Comics
Over at MTV Geek, our very own Aaron Sagers chatted up DC Comics' Just League Dark co-writer Ray Fawkes about the epic new storyline he's launching in issue #19, hitting stands April 17.

Fawkes -- who also revealed pages from the upcoming issue -- said this is a story arc that changes everything and really brings the paranormal/supernatural super hero team to the awareness of the big boys, like Superman and Wonder Woman.

Also, Fawkes teases the fact that, in addition to Swamp Thing entering the JLD ranks (sort of), we'll be treated to a Flash guest-star and the introduction of a big bad that will be new, but different.

Head on over to MTV Geek for the story, but in the meantime, refresh yourself on director Guillermo del Toro's chat about the very cool JLD title and his plans to turn it into a movie.