Artist gets Seussian with 'Evil Dead,' Lovecraft and more

What do you get when you take the covers of beloved Dr. Seuss books and combine them with literary and film horror classics? The answer is, some creatively cool art by Australian artist DrFaustusAU.

A few of the covers actually evolved into Seussian re-tellings (for beginning readers) of H.P. Lovecraft favorites. Namely, Dagon, The Tomb and The Call of Cthulhu. We’re not sure if Lovecraft would approve of these versions, but we sure do.

In the spirit of the Evil Dead reboot, check out "The Evil Dead are in My Shed." Ash as a Seuss character is truly inspiring.

I chained and locked the cellar door--
There's something strange beneath the floor.

And who wouldn’t love to venture to the horrifying abandoned mine town of Silent Hill in “Some Time to Kill in Silent Hill?”

What is this place?
I cannot tell.

Is it just fog,
or is it hell?

Check these and more out at Dr. Faustus' work at his site.