'Iron Man 3' clip: Tony Stark gets fired up

In a clip featured during the 2013 MTV Movie Awards, it looks like Tony Stark (Robert Downey, Jr.) has his work cut out for him.

Iron Man 3's villain, Mandarin (Ben Kingsley), is hellbent on destroying not only Stark, but his less-than-humble abode as well. He’s pretty much the houseguest from hell. Previous trailers hint that Stark’s home is destroyed but this clip shows the process, complete with details.

The clip also shows one of the talked about new armor attaching itself to Stark as if it not only has a mind of its own, but it’s a physical part of his body. But, unfortunately, it’s not capable of allowing Stark to fly. Nonetheless, Stark pulls out all the stops and fights back in true super hero style. Check out the clip and tell us just how excited you are to check out this latest Marvel-ous film.

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-Larissa Mrykalo