'Being Human' recap: 'Always a Bridesmaid, Never Alive'

Ghostie again. Courtesy Syfy

This is the next to last episode for the third season of Being Human! You might want to grab some tissues before we get started. Ready? Alrighty, then! Let's sum up a bit. Last episode, Aidan gave Kenny one last day as a real human boy before turning him into a Lord of the Night.

He is currently lying in the basement awaiting his full transformation. However, Aidan discovers that during one of his strange blackouts, he has turned Kat's ex-boyfriend, but he's a little mutated. What does this mean for poor little Kenny? In the face of Sally's rapid decomposition, Josh and Nora decide to have the wedding right away before she rots completely. Or she kills them. And finally, Sally visits Ilana and gets a magic spell to use on Donna when she does finally expire. Now that you're all caught up, let's get ready for a wedding!

Sally awakens from a nightmare where Donna the Wicked Witch of the Soup Kitchen is carving her up. She immediately practices her magic spell. Oh, and she is not looking very healthy. In contrast, Josh and Nora wake up all naked and snuggly excited for their wedding day. Aidan, meanwhile has spent the night watching over Kenny. He decides to chain the kid to the bed while he goes upstairs to decorate for the wedding. He also cooked breakfast. Josh is a little perturbed to have someone using his kitchen. Luckily, Kat's arrival distracts everyone, especially since she hasn't seen Aidan since he disappeared after their last date. Things are a little awkward, but they make googly eyes at each other and make up. Surprisingly, Nora accepts all of this quite well.

Upstairs, Sally valiantly tries to get up and get dressed for the festivities, but is in a pitiful state of decomposition. She apologizes to Nora for ruining her wedding with blood magic sacrifices. But really, what werewolf wedding is complete without a little blood magic? I might cry. Nora decides to call a house meeting in the kitchen to tell the guys about Sally's condition. They decide that with Sally in eminent danger of dying, again, and Kenny about to wake up from dying, that Kat should probably leave.

Oh, and Aidan called her his girlfriend. Smirks are exchanged.

With Kat gone, the gang congregates in Sally's room for their own little death watch. They implore Sally to fight, and she shows them the spell Ilana gave her. Aidan seems to know quite a bit about witches and black magic. They reason out that since the door that will take Sally to Donna is not really a spirit door, that Aidan can go through with her. Josh is clearly uneasy at being left out and goes to talk to Nora. This new wonderful Nora tells him to go with them even though he promised to always put her first. He would die for his friends and that is why she loves him. Thankfully, Nora interrupts all of the moping by playing Decomposing Fashion Plate with Sally. You see, if she's going to be a ghost again, they want her to be well dressed for it. They have a blast until Sally finally feels that death is upon her.

At this point, Josh's guilt gets the better of him, but Sally assures him that she would have chosen this anyway. With all of them gathered around and holding her hand, Sally's body dies and she awakes a ghost. Sadly, since Josh has not technically become a werewolf yet, he can't see her. With Sally's door fast approaching, Aidan displays that amazing knowledge of black magic again and rips the heart out of Sally's corpse to use as a weapon against Donna. This disgusts everyone present, even Sally. And together again, the trio traipses through the door to meet the Wicked Witch.

After facing down a few inner demons of their own, Josh and Aidan finally materialize next to Sally in Donna's new abode. Well, it's the Soup Kitchen only it's all decrepit and rundown in this little dimension. But Donna figured Josh would come through the door to help Sally, so she left Ray to deal with him. Aidan and Sally run off in search of the witch while Josh faces Ray. He does apologize to Ray's reanimated corpse, but it doesn't do much good. They proceed to throwdown. I must say, Josh has really grown. He once again beats Ray with a rock, only Ray wolfs out. Josh really man-ups here, folks. He tells Ray how ashamed he was of their bond. He even says that he might go kill Ray's son after he's done with Ray. At this point Wolf Ray attacks and Josh grabs a meat cleaver off the counter and slices his head off. Way to go, Josh!

While Josh is having his little talk with Ray, Aidan and Sally finally find Donna. She disses on Sally's choice of friends and decides she's tired of all her talking. She's just going to eat her instead of keep her around. Sally throws out her magic spell, but all it does is reveal Donna's true face. She's really really old, and really, really ugly. Like we didn't expect that. At this disappointing turn, Aidan rushes in to set Donna on fire, but he waves her hand and throws him across the room. Donna does congratulate Sally on being the only one to have ever fought back, though. Aidan chooses this moment to throw Sally's heart into the fire-pit. Only it doesn't quite work out the way he planned. The fire does magically spread to Donna, but she then transfers it to Sally. Sally surrounded by magical flames is what Josh rushes in to find. Sally has but a moment to turn to Aidan and say "I love you," she turns to Josh and says it again. Then Donna cleaves her soul with her magic knife and breathes Sally's essence in. As she revels in her victory, she grows young again. But as she delivers her classic bad guy soliloquy, she begins to burn from within and then explodes. They all wake up back at the house, including ghost Sally.

While the gang breathes a sigh of relief and takes a moment on the front steps to recuperate, Emily shows up. She has accepted Josh's new weird monster-filled life and demands the wedding go on. Right now! While waiting on the womenfolk to get dressed, Aidan and Josh talk in the kitchen. Aidan declares this grand experiment of theirs a success. What could be more human than standing up with his best friend at his wedding? Aww! And guess what? Josh wrote his own vows. Nora adorably panics, because she didn't.

Josh is, as always, eloquent and touching in his devotion to her and I might have teared up just a little. Nora apologizes for not writing her vows. "I love you," she says. "That'll do," Josh says, and it's done.

You don't really think that it's going to end there do you? Of course not. As the party is winding down, Emily blows out the candles on the table and turns away. Behind her, the candles flare up into a huge gout of flame and then it disappears. Methinks we haven't seen the last of Donna. Downstairs, Kenny is still sleeping. As we get a little peek at his face, it is all lumpy and misshapen. Poor baby Kenny. He just wasn't meant to live happily. And lastly, we get a glimpse of Josh and Nora cuddling on a bed in a cabin. Nora pulls on some clothes to go get some more firewood, but guess who's waiting for her outside. You guessed it, didn't you? Liam is standing there with just one good eye glaring malevolently at her.

Next week is the season finale. Are you ready? What will Liam do? What will happen to Kenny? And why won't Donna die already?

The next episode of Being Human, "Ruh Roh," airs Monday April 8 at 9 p.m. ET on Syfy.