'Being Human' recap: 'Ruh Roh'

Sally, meet, um, dead you. Courtesy Syfy

Welcome to the Season 3 Finale of Being Human. When we last left the roommates, Liam had crashed Josh and Nora's wedding night, Sally was a ghost again, and Aidan's newest vampire son Kenny appeared to be mutating.

We pick up right where we left off, with Liam delivering a cryptic warning to Josh and Nora at gunpoint. He leads them to an abandoned warehouse where he shows them a new breed of vampire spawn. These creatures are the "children" of the vampires who have used werewolf blood to cure themselves of the virus. There appear to be a dozen or so all lying in a heap with misshapen lumpy faces like we saw on the sleeping Kenny. According to Liam, they are monsters who prey on children and Josh and Nora need to help him destroy them.

Aidan and Kat have been left alone in the house. Well, if we forget about Sally. Oh, and Kenny in the basement.

Aidan is a little put out by Sally's snarky commentary on his seduction technique, but he gets over it with a little persuasion from Kat. As they lie in a post-coital bliss, Kat suddenly asks if Nora's pregnant. Aidan laughingly, assures her that they just wanted to avoid complications. This prompts dreams of his wife and son, which Sally thankfully wakes him from. Looks like Kenny has finally woken up too. Only he's not so blissful. He has awakened to find himself a mutant, complete with knobby head, white thinning hair, and protruding teeth. Poor Kenny. He really should have stayed in his bubble.

Back at the warehouse, Liam is still working on recruiting Josh and Nora. Of course, the pair isn't really keen on joining Liam's pack. He even goes so far as to tell Josh that because he was turned by a pureblood, that he will see all of this as a gift. This statement sets both Josh and Nora off. Josh claims he would rather die than be part of Liam's pack and Nora angrily blurts out that she killed Brynn. Liam astonishingly doesn't immediately try to rip her apart. Instead he is quite gleeful to find that Aidan has a mutant son of his own in Kenny. He hands Josh a wooden stake, and locks him and Nora in with the waking mutant vamps. He then trots off to rain some pain on Aidan. They argue over what to do, but after the vamps begin attacking, Josh decides to burn them with some convenient gasoline nearby.

Kenny meanwhile, is hungrily munching on a blood bag while Aidan and Sally watch. Understandably, Kenny is a little angry at still being a freak. Aidan's promises that he will "see him through" this are useless in the face of Kenny's pain. It is Sally who finally offers him some comfort only to be interrupted by Kat's screams from upstairs.

Turns out they haven't really had time to get rid of Sally's dead corpse yet and Kat stumbled across it trying to find the bathroom. Aidan's stammered excuses have no effect and she runs from the house. Oh, Aidan. As he returns to Kenny he is once again reminded of his natural son and his wife and we revisit their fate in another flashback. In ye olden times, he was living with his family, and trusting that his very young son would not reveal his existence. Well, you know this wasn't going to work. The villagers find out and proclaim his wife a witch. At this point we reenter the present.

Aidan is having another angst-filled talk with Sally about what a monster he is when he is suddenly shot in the head. Guess who? Liam calmly enters the kitchen and seats himself at the table as Aidan twitches. He tells Aidan that he knows about his lies and about his son, but when Aidan gets a little belligerent he shoots him again. He knows it won't kill him, but it's just so damn satisfying. Hearing the fight, Kenny begins calling for Aidan from the basement. Well, this gives his location away, so down comes Liam dragging Aidan along with him. Kenny is rightfully alarmed and begs Aidan to get up as Liam approaches him with a shovel in hand. Aidan tries but fails to distract Liam from his goal. However, just as Liam is about to stake Kenny with the shovel handle, Sally screams at him. The shovel handle bursts into flames and Liam throws it away. Josh and Nora arrive just in time to enter the fray, but not before Liam impales Aidan on the shovel handle in the wall.

As they attack Liam, Nora is thrown into another wall and falls to the floor unconscious while he attempts to choke the life from Josh. With a little timely intervention by Sally, Liam is startled and steps close enough for Aidan to grab hold of him. He pulls Liam into him, impaling him on the same shovel handle that has him pinned to the wall. Our pureblood werewolf falls to the floor and dies. Unnoticed during the fight, Kenny has fallen onto Nora and is hungrily chewing on her throat. Sometime later, Aidan has been bandaged up and is sucking down a handful of blood bags. He jokingly tells Josh that he's going out for a keg, but Josh would really prefer some crack. All joking aside, he needs to find Kat and keep the cops from finding the alarming number of corpses in the house. He then tells Josh that he doesn't need to say anything. He'll take care of Kenny. It's a little heartbreaking; Aidan never seems to get a break.

Aidan limps off and enlists Blake to help him compel Kat to forget what she saw in the house. This will, of course, mean he owes her a favor despite her not following his orders before. The duo head off to Kat's apartment and Blake does her thing. Kat wakes up with no memory of finding Sally's rotting corpse and only remembers having the best night of her life. With this happy-ish ending, Aidan goes home to deal with Kenny. He takes him into the woods and they limp along dejectedly. This bleeds into another flashback. This time of Suzanna's witch trial. The villagers drowned her in the river and proceeded to beat Aidan as he screams for his son Isaac to run. As the boy runs away, he gets up and eats a few of the villagers and then breaks the wretched priest's neck. He turns and rushes to Kenny, prepared to do the same to him, but instead he yells for him to run. Terrified, Kenny flees as Aidan stands alone in the woods. This will not end well.

As night has finally fallen, Josh finds himself once again digging a grave. Only this time it's Sally's and he gets to put her in the cemetery where she belongs. As they give Sally a moment alone with her gravestone, Josh asks Aidan about Kenny.

"He never had a chance" he says, as Josh and Nora look on sadly. The next morning, Sally and Aidan have a comforting talk in the kitchen where we learn that Josh had his first turn the night before. But at least he and Nora were together. Aidan goes for a walk, leaving Sally alone in the house. As she meanders, we see a ghostly Donna sitting on the stairs behind her. Donna really admires Sally's chutzpah, and tells her that they are linked now. Sally unsuccessfully tries to dissipate her with an iron poker, but it has no effect. Donna then transports her to the top of the stairs and asks her if she knows what happens when a death spot is destroyed. Sally screams that she is not going back to Limbo, but Donna assures her that's not where they are going. Suddenly Sally is tumbling down the stairs just like when she died the first time. As she hits the bottom, the floor falls away revealing a deep cavern that Donna pulls her down into and they both fall. So, where do you think that hole goes? Could it be Hell this time, and if so, how are they going to get her back?

Ignorant of Sally's dilemma, Aidan continues his lonely walk down the street. Just as he walks past, a taxi pulls up to the curb. You are never going to believe who gets out. It's Suzanna! His dead wife. Is she a vampire? A reincarnation? Or something else?

Nora wakes up alone in the woods. She looks around for Josh but not seeing him, she gets dressed. As she walks through the woods she calls for him with no response until a low growl comes from behind a tree. As she looks up, a huge wolf stalks out from behind the tree towards her. Nora screams and we are left to wonder, just what will become of our newlyweds.

So we are left with no happy endings to give us comfort through the long wait for Season Four. Aidan has lied to his best friends, Sally has possibly been dragged to Hell by Donna, and who knows what the new improved werewolf Josh has unwittingly done to Nora.