Conan O'Brien bites into Atlanta's zombie scene

Rigor Mortis Richter. Courtesy Imgur.
In case you missed it, Conan O'Brien invaded Atlanta this week, and his guest lineup was, er, infected with Walking Dead cast members.

In addition to Steven Yeun (aka Glenn) sitting on the couch next to Coco, Michael Rooker and Melissa McBride crashed Conan's opening monologue on Wednesday night seeking asylum from the city overrun with walkers. In the bit, They accidentally shoot the camera man, and intentionally shoot Andy Richter for making a bad Georgia peach joke.

As if that's not fun enough, Richter also got made up as a zombie by Greg Nicotero, TWD's effects guru (and co-EP/occasional director). The image lifted from Imgur is shown here. Although, what Richter got into as a zombie, we may never know. We haven't been able to run down any footage used on the show with zombified Richter.

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