'Grimm' recap: 'One Angry Fuchsbau'

Rosalee objects. Courtesy NBC.

Opening Quote: "He sang a sweet song in tones so full and soft that no human ear could resist them, nor fathom their origin..."

We don't have a lot to catch up on for this week's all new Grimm, so let's just hit a few high points. Adalind is pregnant with either Capt. Renard's baby, or more likely his brother Eric's. Juliette has finally figured out that the visions she's been having are really her memories coming back. And finally, Nick is still living with Monroe. So let's get started with this week's episode that will show us how to properly perform our civic duty.

Uh oh, this must be important, we are getting an introduction scene. Let me give you the setup: the time is six months ago, the place is a ritzy mansion, the crime is murder. A man in a nice tuxedo is furiously pursuing a terrified woman up the stairs. He's screaming that he told her to wear the black dress. Having reached the balcony, the poor woman tries to explain that it's at the cleaners. Apparently Mr. Tuxedo doesn't like this answer and grabs hold of the woman who accidentally rips his shirt in the struggle. Well, that was just the last straw; he goes all lion-faced on her mousy little self and throws her over the balcony. I guess she really should have worn the black dress.

Ah, the time warp is explained. Mr. Tuxedo is on trial for the murder of his wife, Catherine. His lawyer is painting a sad pitiful picture of the poor little mouse being depressive and suicidal. As he talks to the jury, a fine golden mist flows from him and envelops them. And there at the head of the row, sits Rosalee. She breathes deeply of the magic man's fairy dust pheromones.

At Monroe's cozy little house, Nick is telling him to take Juliette to the trailer. Did you really think he wouldn't give in? No, I didn't think so. So, Monroe runs off to pick her up and cart her off to Aunt Marie's Trailer. Let the fun begin. They enter and she has a flash of catching Nick sitting at the desk flipping through an old book. She quizzes Monroe about Aunt Marie, but he tries to pass her off as just a collector of "folkish lore."

Then Juliette finds the weapons cabinet. As she wonders why Aunt Marie would haul all of this stuff around, Monroe thinks it's well past time to leave. She refuses but then starts to have multiple, simultaneous visions of Nick explaining different objects in the trailer. This freaks her out (as almost everything does) and she wisely decides to go home. This leaves Monroe free to pay Rosalee a visit, but she feels sick after her day of jury duty and leaves him to close up the Spice Shop.

Back at Monroe's, Nick is eating takeout and checking his email when his message alert goes off. He has mail, from his MOM! The email is from "bheadr@toomail.net" so who else could it be? Monroe arrives home and tells him what happened at the trailer. Unfortunately, Monroe thinks it's best if Nick stays away from Juliette until her visions calm down. Hmm, they don't look like they are calming down anytime soon.

Monroe, being a good boyfriend, takes Rosalee to jury duty the next morning and stays to watch the trial.

Today, we get to see the lawyer interrogating the housekeeper. As his magic mist falls on her, she suddenly changes her story from having seen Mr. Tuxedo throw his wife off the balcony to he was trying to help her. Bah. Lawyers. Thankfully, the judge calls a recess and Monroe follows the lawyer to the restroom, where we see the goatlike wesen eat a poor defenseless little toad. It appears that Lawyer Kellog is a Ziegevolk. They eat toads that help them have a hallucinogenic effect on their victims. Remember the guy who locked up women in his basement from season 1?

This prompts Monroe to call in the big guns, namely Nick and Hank due to unlawful jury tampering by a conscienceless goat. Oh look, it's Sgt. Wu! He was the first officer on the scene. Damn, if that crafty old goat doesn't get to Wu too. The guys look on in amazement. This means they have to rope in Rosalee for help. Of course, they find a magic potion that will neutralize Mr. Kellog, but they're are going to need some of his goaty sweat to brew it up. They concoct a plan just in time to stop the creepy perv from using his powers to manipulate a young woman into having sex with him. While Nick and Hank distract Kellog, Monore slips inside to inject the potion into Kellog's next toad. There's just one problem, there are two toads and only one dose. Decisions, decisions. Let's jump to the closing arguments, shall we?

Mr. Kellog starts out by comparing people to heifers. Just an FYI here folks. Don't do that. I guess if you are eating magic toads you can get away with such a crap concluding monologue though. The judge sends the jury off to deliberate. They return quickly with a decision and Kellog gloats with his client. Rosalee stands up to read the verdict, and finds the scumbag tuxedo wearing Lowen guilty. Later at the celebration in the Spice Shop, the door opens and Monroe happily traipses up front to help. Unsurprisingly, it's Kellog complaining that he's lost his abilities. As he whines, Rosalee comes in, and realizing he was duped, he attacks her. Now, this was a bad idea. Monroe goes all hairy and badass on him. Nick barely pulls him off the Ziegevolk, before Monroe kills him. This means they get to throw the idiot in jail with his former client who doesn't seem very happy to see him.

Oh lookie! Our favorite used-to-be-a-hexenbeist! Adalind is being shown into an expensive sitting room with soft classical music playing. That's how I know it's expensive by the way, the music. She's meeting with Renard's brother, Eric. She has to break the news that Renard didn't get the Key. Eric deliberates for a moment before deciding to pay his brother a visit in person. He absently notices that Adalind appears all glowy. She neglects to inform him of the pregnancy, but she wears a huge smile the entire time. Oh Adalind, you naughty girl.

The next episode of Grimm, "Ring of Fire," airs Friday April 19 at 9 p.m. ET on NBC.