FEARnet revives 'Reaper'

Courtesy FEARnet
Were you a fan of The CW comedy Reaper when it aired from 2007-09, and felt like it got short shrift when it was canceled? You are not alone. The show aired two seasons and was developing a nerd following but died before its time.

And now it is coming back -- sorta.

Horror network FEARnet has licensed both seasons of the hour-long series for a complete 31 episode order. It will return June 4 at 9 p.m. ET for its Tuesday night Twisted Comedy Block. The show will serve as lead-in for the second season of the FEARnet original half-hour comedy series, Holliston that airs at 10 p.m. ET the same night

Sort of like a supernatural Chuck, the show focuses college drop-out, and big-box electronic store employee Sam Oliver (Bret Harrison) who must work as a bounty hunter for the Devil (Ray Wise). As part of a deal made many years ago, Sam’s parents offered up their firstborn son in exchange for good health for the ailing father. Tyler Labine (Tucker and Dale vs. Evil) play Sam’s slacker friend who helps him 'reap' escaped souls from Hell using a Dirt Devil vacuum.

Not only is FEARnet reviving the show, it is also producing a half-hour reunion special that will reunite a few of the original crew and cast members including Harrison, Labine and Wise (The Devil). They’ll discuss the popularity of Reaper and its finale in round-table format.

-Larissa Mrykalo