'Futurama' cancelled (again)

Courtesy Comedy Central
Entertainment Weekly is reporting the seventh season of Comedy Central’s Emmy-award-winning, Futurama, will end this Sept. 4.
animated comedy series,

Set in the 31st Century, the spacey series enjoyed a nice 140 episode run, including surviving a cancellation in 2003, but its final 13 episode will air over this summer, starting on June 19 at 10 p.m. ET.

According to EW, the news was not a shock to its executive producer, David X. Cohen and creator Matt Groening (also creator of The Simpsons) said, "who had thought their space explorations were ending three previous times (after the Fox run, after the four movies, and after Comedy Central’s first 26-episode order)."

Cohen promises "our best 'last season ever' ever" and it will features guests that include, Larry Bird, Sarah Silverman, George Takei, Adam West, Dan Castellaneta and Burt Ward. Groening added that, "It’s a really satisfying ending. It’s an epic ending. If indeed it’s the ending. Perhaps Futurama will return in another form, on the Internet, or as a puppet show in the park. Or maybe as a puppet show in the park on the Internet."

So is this really the end of Futurama? Will it come back from the dead like it did in the past? Are you disappointed that it’s ending? Time will tell!

-Larissa Mrykalo