'Grimm' recap: 'Volcanalis'

Courtesy Grimm Wiki, NBC

First off, Grimm has been moved to Tuesdays starting April 30 at 10 p.m. ET after The Voice. Make sure your DVR is set for the new time and date!

Opening Quote: “The Demon came home and he declared that the air was not clear. 'I smell the flesh of man.'”

A geologist wandering around on the side of Mt. Hood finds a smoking fissure in the ground. Surrounding said fissure are some rocks she is really excited about, so she throws one in her bag. As she returns to her truck, an older man tries to steal her backpack while screaming “Give it back!” She fends him off and drives away. She misses him putting on his Wesen face, which looks a lot like a bull with a broken horn.

Juliette gets home and immediately sets into a flashback vision of multiple Nicks in the kitchen. Her solution is to flee in her car, but the visions go with her, so she wrecks it. Maybe they will heavily medicate her in the hospital and save us all from this story line. No such luck. The real Nick comes to the hospital and she freaks out on him and tells him she doesn't want to see him anymore. He looks hurt and mopes away. He takes his sad sack self back to Monroe's, but thankfully gets called away to the murder of the aforementioned geologist. The corpse bears burn marks in the shape of hands around her neck. Hello, Demon Man.

Nick and Wu meet up with the geologist's boss, Thom and take a trip up the mountain. Of course, the boss man puts some rocks in his pocket too. Shortly, the horned guy from earlier shows up. Don't worry, Wu's on the job. He tackles the guy and they cart him off to jail. His name is Marcus and he used to be an archaeologist. Nick seems to think he has to be guilty just because he's Wesen.

Capt. Renard replies, "Who isn't these days?" Ain't that the truth?

Marcus is a little crazy, but he tells them a story about Volcanalis killing his wife. That's why he's on the mountain, trying to warn people. Luckily for all of us, Wu does some research and finds out that according to legend you should not take rocks from volcanoes inside the ring of fire. The old gods get kind of pissy when you do that. Of course, this leads to Thom the geologist, who Volcanalis is currently trying to cook alive. Nick and Renard interrupt him, but our flaming friend gets away.

This means more research. To the trailer we go!

Despite not having a decent sound system or an espresso machine, they find some info in Aunt Marie's old musty books. Nick finds that Marcus is a Taureus-Armenta, a bull-headed Wesen known for their bravery. Monroe counters with Volcanalis in his book, but it's in Latin. They have to take the book to Renard to translate. The book tells a story of finding a Volcanalis at Mt. Vesuvius, one presumes right before it erupted. This doesn't bode well for Portland does it? The gang then goes to enlist Marcus's help in stopping the fiery Volcanalis, but he doesn't know how either.

Their solution? Go steal a bunch of rocks from the volcanic vent to make the Volcanalis come after them. Then when he shows up, they plan on hitting him with some liquid nitrogen to make "hell freeze over." Amazingly this works. They freeze him into a large obsidian statue and then let Marcus smash him with a baseball bat. Portland is saved!

So what happened with Juliette? As soon as she leaves the hospital, she runs off to consult with her bruja friend. The healer recommends some nasty tea and immersing herself in just one memory of Nick to fix the problem. Let's hope she picks a good one. So, Juliette goes home and picks the memory of she and Nick moving into the house together to concentrate on. Magically after she remembers making Nick throw away an Elvis lamp, she appears to be cured. She goes up to the bedroom and pulls out a picture of the two of them together and the engagement ring Nick left. She puts the picture on the dresser and settles down to remember when Nick asked her to marry him. I think it should be noted that she stops just short of remembering when she turned him down. With only four episodes left, do you think we will get a resolution to the Nick-Juliette fiasco before the season ends?

With Portland temporarily saved again, let's take a peek at what Adalind has been up to in Vienna. She's progressing well with the morning sickness part of the pregnancy. Thankfully the vomiting is interrupted by her new friend Frau Perch who is taking her to meet someone to get a price tag for the royal baby. Of course, this means paying a visit to a gypsy camp and a painful blood extraction procedure. Don't worry, Adalind kind of deserved it don't you think? Zigeunersprache (seriously, that's her name) confirms that the baby is royal and offers her half-a-million euros for it once it's born. Frau Perch thinks they can do better on the open market in Budapest. Adalind doesn't give a crap about money, however. She wants to trade the poor thing for her powers back. This kid is going to be so messed up.

The next episode of Grimm, "Endangered" airs Tuesday April 30 at 10 p.m. ET on NBC.