Joe Manganiello promises more Alcide sex on 'True Blood'

Manganiello with his
gold standard. Courtesy
Entertainment Weekly
It is a good day for those who have the hots for Joe Manganiello aka Alcide from HBO's True Blood. In an Entertainment Weekly -- to support Magnum Gold ice cream and the short "As Good As Gold" film about the product -- the actor had dished on his character's action and, um, action in Season 6 of the show.
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Manganiello says Alcide is still "in charge of this unruly group of werewolves, and it’s not the best job in the world," but that he does get to have more sex. "Whether or not there are Hong Kong wires, I don’t want to give any of that away," he says, laughing, reports EW. "But we definitely get into some territory that hasn’t been covered yet on True Blood. I thought I’d done it all, seen it all, but they somehow found a way to top last year."

OK, so that's a little treat to get you growling for the new season, premiering June 16.