'Haunted Highway' returns to Syfy this July

Osbourne and Workman point to our headline.
Courtesy Syfy
Jack Osbourne is hitting the road again after Syfy announced today that a second season of Haunted Highway will premiere Wednesday, July 24 at 10 p.m. ET.

As described in a press release, the paranormal reality series follows the teams of Osbourne & Dana Workman -- as well as former Fact or Faked castmembers Jael de Pardo & Devin Marble -- as they "conduct their own first-person investigations into some of the most frightening claims of paranormal activity in some of America’s most remote regions."

The show interviews eyewitnesses of supposed paranormal activity and seeks evidence utilizing gadgets, and this season, the two teams will visit the Arizona desert, the Sierra Nevada mountains and the bayous of New Orleans. Their targets: werewolves, a "Black Angel of Death," the ghosts of the Donner party and more.

Additionally, the two teams will merge for an investigation of the nineteenth century coastal base and "prison fortress," Fort Jefferson -- also known as "Death Island." Located 68 miles off the coast of Key West, in the Gulf of Mexico, the base was built in 1846. According to Syfy, Fort Jefferson was built to fortify "one of the most strategic deep water anchorages in the United States," but eventually became home to Samuel Mudd, the physician who "set the broken leg of John Wilkes Booth and was allegedly an accomplice in the assassination of President Lincoln." Mudd's ticked-off ghost still purportedly roams the island, and the Haunted Highway team hopes to find him.

Produced by BASE Productions (the same production company behind Deep South Paranormal, so might a crossover occur in the bayous?), Haunted Highway averaged 1.12 million total viewers in its Tuesday timeslot. The first season ran from July to August 2012, shortly after Osbourne revealed he had suffers from relapsing remitting multiple sclerosis.

Are you excited to join Jack & Co. for more on-the-road adventures, or will you be hitching a ride with a different paranormal show? And before you hit the road for a paranormal roadtrip, don't miss our cool list of haunted highways!

-Aaron Sagers