What if Disney made 'Game of Thrones'?

If your day is not sufficiently awesome, things are about to change.

YouTube channel AVbyte asked the question, "What if Disney Made Game of Thrones?" and answered with a video of Daenerys Targaryen (this time played by Evelina Barry) aka "Mother of Dragons" being an adorable Disney Princess and singing a song of longing to traverse the sea to claim her throne. We also get Jorah Mormont (Peter Hollens) as her princely suitor.

Here's the thing that makes this especially cool: Instead of going for the obvious jokes, this parody features a very believable Disneyfied song for Dany and gets it right. It's not cheap, it makes sense and is actually sweet -- but funny in its sweetness.

Check it out and ponder the question about what other GoT characters are primed for a Disney turn. Certainly King Joffrey needs a little bastard villain song, right? Oh, and go down the AVbyte rabbit hole for a bunch of other inspired videos.

-Aaron Sagers