'Zombieland' series trailer: Gut-busting humor?

After Entertainment Weekly teased that the Zombieland show pilot was streaming for free today, we figured highlighting the trailer was pointless ... until it became pretty apparent that the pilot wasn't up and EW killed their story.

So good news, everyone! Even though you cannot watch the first episode just yet, you get the trailer, embedded below for your viewing pleasure.

The set up for the Amazon comedy is pretty cute so far, and we get to see a little more of the beginning of the zombie apocalypse, with the emergence of Tallahassee (played here by Kirk Ward) as a badass.

As opposed to Woody Harrelson's Tallahassee, there seems to be a slightly more goofy edge to Ward's character. But it actually seems like a bad move to try to recast the same characters with different actors when the smarter choice might be to let Ward build a new, tough-guy character from the ground up. In fact, why not give us an all-new batch of survivors that exist in the same world as the movie characters without forcing the obvious comparison of actors?

Anyhow, there's not much to garner from the rest of the merry band of Zak-killers, but there is a funny shot of the buddy system breaking down.

Check it out and let us know what you think!