1989 'Friday the 13th' video game gets the NECA toy treatment

If you're like us, you have so many memories of the Friday the 13th Nintendo game… and most of them are bad.

Still, just the idea of playing a game based on the R-rated series was shocking. It wasn’t the best game, but it has a lot of nostalgic value for Friday fans. Thankfully the crafty devils at NECA are just as nostalgic! They recently revealed their newest Jason Voorhees figure in their Friday the 13th line as a tribute to that purple and blue 8-bit Jason!

The idea actually came from Will Edwards, a fan, who really dug the 1989 Nintendo look and tweeted images over to NECA. Turns out they really loved the suggestion. However, it’s only a San Diego Comic-Con exclusive, and according to NECA, it’ll cost you $25 and will be available at their booth!

(via FEARnet)

-Andrew Peters