'Grimm' recap: 'Kiss of the Muse'

Has Juliette finally had a grimm memory? Courtesy NBC

Opening Quote: “Tell me O' Muse, from whatsoever source you may know them.”

After dealing with "aliens" last week, Nick gets called to a bookstore, where Anton, a Wesen, is threatening a woman named Chloe. He appears to be upset that she's dumped him. After Anton runs off, Chloe wastes no time in putting a major flirt on Nick. She doesn't want to sound conceited, but men tend to fall for her very easily. As Hank ribs him at the crime scene, Juliette calls and asks him to come over for dinner.

At first he seems pleased, then later as he gazes at a picture of Chloe, somewhat less so. Looks like Chloe has put the whammy on our favorite Grimm. Anton, a Luisant-Pecheur (an otter-like Wesen) escapes by diving into the river and making a swim for it. Nick uses this as an excuse to go check on Chloe and stare at her some more. She tells him how she's a muse to many people and then kisses him. Apparently she gets a little too excited and shows her pretty little blue skinned Wesen face. Luckily, Monroe calls and reminds him of his dinner date with Juliette. Oopsie. Looks like he forgot the love of his life for a minute there.

Little fairy girl must kiss really, really well.

Nick finally makes it over to Juliette's for dinner. As she is trying to apologize for the way she's been acting, Nick wanders away to stare out the window, where he sees a vision of Chloe and hears her whispering to him. He immediately decides to leave and goes back to Monroe's. Monroe tries to pump him for information on how things went with Juliette and Nick becomes quite irritable and accuses him of interrogating him. Monroe proclaims himself flummoxed as Nick storms out of the house. At this point everyone regresses to high school. Juliette calls Monroe, who then calls Hank who in turn calls Nick. He finds that Nick has stopped off at a bar and he goes to meet him. When he gets there, Nick gets overly aggressive with another bar patron and Hank has to break up a fight. While he's dealing with the outraged drunk, Nick slips away.

No wonder Anton went off the deep end. This Chloe chick is seriously bad news. So what does Hank do now? He takes the picture Nick drew of Chloe to Monroe and Rosalee. They decide to go look through Nick's books in Aunt Marie's Trailer. Oh my, guess what they discover? Turns out Chloe is a Musai. Monroe finds a pretty tale in one of Nick's books about a Musai preying upon Van Gogh! She drove him mad and he cut off his own ear. But it's okay, the Grimm cut off her head, so it's all good.

While Chloe has been getting herself a new man, Anton hasn't been sitting idle. He's broken into a paint store and is busy working on a new masterpiece. Hank and Nick get the case of course. Hank tries to tell his partner what he found out about Chloe, but Nick gets very belligerent and accusatory. So he changes tactics a bit and starts rattling off numerous cases of violence and death in which our sweet little Miss Chloe has been dating one or both of the victims/assailants. Renard colors himself impressed. They take a trip out to take a look at Anton's new street art, a technicolor portrait of Chloe. But while everyone is busy admiring it, Nick disappears. They are sure he is running off to Chloe and the Captain goes after him. When Nick gets to her apartment they immediately start with the groping and kissing. But Chloe pulls away and tells him that she can't be with him while Anton is still alive. Renard shows up just in time to stop him from killing poor deranged Anton.

Monroe and Rosalee have not been idle themselves during all of this. They are busy trying to find a cure for the poison secreted by the Musai's lips when Juliette barges into the Spice Shop. She thinks she needs to go back to the Trailer and she wants the key so she can go alone. Monroe is not down with this plan, but Rosalee gives him the "I know better than you" girlfriend eyes and he quickly agrees. So Juliette heads off to the Trailer and finally remembers what Nick told her about the Wesen and being a Grimm.

This revelation causes her to run back to Monroe and Rosalee. While they don't tell her that they are Wesen they do tell her that they believe him. They go on to explain about Nick's little problem. Rosalee thinks that Juliette is the only one that can save him. (What we need here is Peter Cook intoning “Wuv, true wuv” from The Princess Bride.) They all head off to the precinct just in time to find Nick trying to shoot Anton in his cell. Juliette puts herself in front of our poor Grimm, and demands that he look at her. Apparently this is enough, and there's a tearful reunion. I hope this little love snafu is finally over.

Were you wondering what happened to Chloe? I mean she really didn't do anything, you know. Renard lets her go, but not before he puts on his Hexenbiest face and tells her to leave town and never come back.

There's only two episodes left this season and next week, there are ZOMBIES! You know how much I love zombies! Don't miss it!

The next episode of Grimm, "The Waking Dead," airs Tuesday, May 14 at 10 p.m. ET on NBC.