'Haunted Collector' hunts for the ghost of Orson Welles

courtesy Syfy
On May 8, Syfy's Haunted Collector will ask the question, "Is a Hollywood icon haunting a house?"

John Zaffis, host of the paranormal reality series, will travel to Hollywood next week to investigate supposed ghostly disturbances in the home where film legend Orson Welles once lived. Airing May 8, 9 p.m., the episode covers the possible paranormal activity in the home that began when owner Joe Liebke first screened Welles’ Citizen Kane for friends.

According to a Syfy release, "All was well until the television began flickering, followed by a complete loss of power throughout the house – the only home to mysteriously go dark while electricity in the rest of the neighborhood remained on." Further, the network states that "there was a steady escalation in unexplained activity, including a moving shadow figure that has unlocked a dead-bolt right before his eyes, phantom footsteps and bizarre electrical outages."

So will Zaffis and Co. find compelling evidence of the paranormal, or just find a sled? Personally, I'm guessing it's all part of an elaborate radio play involving aliens. But we have to tune in to find out!

-Aaron Sagers