Shop culture: Badass zombie axe!

Good thing tomorrow is pay day because we know what we'll be blowing it on! The awesomely barbaric Zombie Slayer Axe.

This post-apocalyptic prepper weapon of mayhem was designed for one purpose: To rip "the ever-loving viral entrails and decaying brain matter out of zombies."

According to creator, blacksmith Stephen Heeney, if you want to stand out among the toughest of the tough after the zombie apocalypse, this unique weapon is the way to go. Check out the spiked head and the knuckle duster grip with spikes on the fist, allowing the user to knock out zombies while still holding onto their weapon. The handle is made out of welded chains for an extra touch of badassery.

And it's available for purchase on Heeney's Etsy Store for only $150. And remember: Don't get eaten, get even.

-Virginia Fasulo